The Worldwide Church of God- BEING MEASURED

The Worldwide Church of God is an UN-incorporated spiritual organism, made up of those who have been CALLED by God, and have RECEIVED the Holy Spirit of God through REPENTANCE, BELIEF OF THE GOSPEL and BAPTISM.
Over this Church is a spiritual “plum-line”, and God our Master builder is MEASURING THE CHURCH OF GOD, the SPIRITUAL TEMPLE OF CHRIST to see what belongs and what doesn’t! Inferior materials will be discarded, but the precious materials of the Temple who are FITLY JOINED with the foundation and cornerstone, will remain.
The Philadelphia Era of God’s Church(Rev.3:7-13) was raised up through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, a.k.a “The Worldwide Church of God”.
The Worldwide Church of God was the only Church of God Mr. Armstrong was a member of.
Now, Mr. Armstrong was raised up as an APOSTLE of Jesus Christ, and those of the Worldwide Church of God were placed under him. The membership of the Worldwide Church of God is the “seal” of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s apostleship, as the Church under the apostle Paul was his(1 Corinthians 9:2).
Those of the true body of Christ are doing exactly what is described by the early members of the Church in Acts 2!
“And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship…”(Acts 2:42) “And all that believed were together…”(Acts 2:44) NOT DIVIDED INTO A BUNCH OF BICKERING SECTS AND DENOMINATIONS!
In 1 Corinthians 12:28-30, and Ephesians 4:11-16, we are told that the entire body of Christ, the true Church of God, are COMPACTED TOGETHER, FITLY JOINED, with the apostles FIRST, under Jesus Christ our head!
If a man claims to be a minister of Jesus Christ, yet is not FITLY JOINED with Christ through the apostle, THEN THEY DO NOT QUALIFY TO BE A MINISTER OF JESUS CHRIST!
If they are off teaching something DIFFERENT, telling you the opposite of what the true apostle taught, then their head is not Jesus Christ, but Satan the Devil MASQUERADING as Christ- the “another Jesus” that the apostle Paul warned of!(2 Corinthians 11:4)
The very purpose of the corporate organizations under Mr. Armstrong, was to enable the apostle to do the Work of God given to him by Christ, with the Church BACKING and SUPPORTING THE APOSTLE!
The very reason that Mr. Armstrong on the World Tomorrow programs was introduced by “The Worldwide Church of God”, and at the end of the program “sponsored by the Worldwide Church of God” was due to the fact the UN-incorporated Worldwide Church of God was supporting the apostle by sending God’s tithes and offerings to Mr. Armstrong to make such programs possible!
After Mr. Armstrong’s death, other men took control of the corporate entities, and those of the true Church continued with the apostle’s doctrines. Those who DID NOT, were not the true Church and they NO LONGER CONTINUED IN WHAT WAS TAUGHT!
Now some ministers took some of the teachings they were taught from Mr. Armstrong, and made themselves a new organization. And in order to set themselves up in a role or seat of authority, they had to depart slightly(at least) on what Christ had given them through the apostle.
Raymond McNair, an evangelist under Mr. Armstrong, when he started his organization “CHURCH OF GOD 21st CENTURY”, closed it down soon after, because he came to realize he was WRONG and in SIN AGAINST GOD for starting it up! He had gotten OFF THE TRACK! He was not the man chosen by God to lead the Church, he said! And so he closed the doors on his organization. What a man of God! He REPENTED, and soon after he died, his eternal crown and salvation secured.
So these new organizations were set up by ministers, to do a work “their way”. And in “their way”, they have chosen from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, rejecting GOD’S WAY OF LIFE and rejecting God’s supreme RULE over them!
If they were to come to realize their sins against God, as Mr. McNair did, they would have to GIVE UP their work, and REPENT, and get back to teaching EXACTLY what Mr. Armstrong taught, back to doing their part in the Work of God!(John 6:29)
As a branch may retain “nutrients” given to it from the mother tree, but while broken off, eventually withering and dying, so are those who have left(or was broken off from) the body of Christ to do their “own work”!
Their works are DEAD or DYING WORKS. They may resemble the mother tree, with certain features prominent, they may even claim “they hold fast to the foundational doctrines” but the fact remains, if they are NOT faithfully teaching ALL of what Christ gave through His apostle, then they are not apart of the body of Christ, and they will die out spiritually if not repented of!
A tiny step away from the building, is still a step AWAY from the building, therefore you are no longer INSIDE the building!
So the Worldwide Church of God remains. Those who have been called by God, are continuing faithfully, and stedfastly in what was taught them from Christ through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. They are obeying Christ in Rev. 3:11.
There has been a GREAT FALLING AWAY(2 Thes. 2) from God’s Truth. This is still going on. Satan is causing those he deceives into thinking and calling what God says is good and honorable, evil and a thing to despise.
Those who once filled offices and roles within the true Church of God, are no longer there! They went out to form their own churches, or join a church they chose, to do their own work!
“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us[the apostles]: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”(1 John 2:19)
But those of the Church who stay faithful, are STILL THERE under Christ, continuing with the apostles of Christ!
Some of our brethren have been deceived, and caught up in the traps of Satan!
THEY NEED TO REPENT QUICKLY, and “deliver themselves”(Zech 2:7) from such group and churches!
The true Church of God has always been persecuted for doing this!
The Worldwide Church of God is going through a purification.
Jesus Christ is still ruling the Worldwide Church of God.
We need to get “back on the track” today, before it is TOO LATE!



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