Why "Mystery of the Ages" Could Be One of the MOST IMPORTANT Books of Our Day

Why “Mystery of the Ages” Could Be One of the MOST IMPORTANT Books of Our Day

By Herbert W. Armstrong  

(Worldwide News, 17th September 1985)

I have lived a long, active, interest-packed life. It has covered all of the twentieth century to the present and the last eight and one half years of the nineteenth century. I have seen this twentieth century develop into a state of awesome advancement and achievement, industrially and technologically. At the same time, I have seen alarming escalation of appalling evils. And now the crucible of nuclear war threatens the very extinction of the human race within our generation! Why the Paradox?   The world’s great minds, the evolutionists, the educators, scientists and religionists have striven in vain to solve the paradox of great scientific technological accomplishments and appalling human evils. These conditions and facts are mysteries that have remained unsolved. They now need to be explained. Why the Mystery? Have you ever asked yourself, “WHO am I? WHAT am I? WHY am I?” I did. And I tried to reason out the answer, but I couldn’t. It was a mystery to me and to the world as a whole. So as a young man, I began an in-depth study and research into the theory of evolution and also into the Bible. I found the Bible to be a coded book, with positive, absolute answers to the paramount mysteries confronting all humanity. I discovered that the Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle – thousands of pieces that need putting together – and the pieces will fit together in only one way. “Mystery of the Ages” puts the many pieces of the great puzzle together so they can be clearly understood. It will explain “Why human suffering? The origin of the Universe. Who and what is God? Why were you born? Is there hope for a better World Tomorrow?” – and much, much more! Time may prove this to be one of the most important books of our day. This book will open many eyes to the truth of these long, hidden mysteries of life.
The wwcg-archives.com staff WARNS of newer printings, published by the Philadelphia Church of God, INC. Their newer printings have text deleted out of it, due to their differing doctrines that Mr. Armstrong did not teach. Herbert W. Armstrong was not involved with the Philadelphia Church of God, a separate and alien organization that was formed after his death in 1986. In the 1970’s, a new Church movement (made up of men who rose up in the ranks of the ministry)rose it’s ugly head, and tried to seize Church authority by trying to kick Mr.Herbert W. Armstrong out of the Worldwide Church of God. But Jesus Christ, through Mr. Armstrong, saw their schemes. In 1977, Mr. Armstrong suffered total heart failure(poison is thought by some), and was resuscitated back to life through CPR. Jesus Christ had prevented the elder Armstrong from staying dead. This rattled the cages of those waiting for him to die to gain control of the Church. The Worldwide Church of God membership saw this miracle as the fulfillment of Revelation 11:1-2 of God’s servant, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, being “risen” back to life to PUT THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD BACK ON THE TRACKS, back on the TRUE FOUNDATION! For God said to His servant, “RISE, and measure the temple of God, and the altar(ministry), and them that worship therein(the membership)”(Rev. 11:1 emphasis mine). And from that time, he went forth through the Worldwide Church of God, measuring it according to the Word of God. The long planned out agendas of men lying in wait was profoundly foiled. And many of this “New Church movement”, who were involved with changing or watering doctrine down in the 1970’s, and were attempting to set themselves up in the Church hierarchy WERE REMOVED. This sadly, involved Mr. Armstrong’s own son, Garner Ted. But there was much left to clean up. After Mr. Armstrong’s death, men who had “crept in unwares”(Jude 1:4), who had hid themselves when other men were removed, men of this DIFFERENT CHURCH which had previously attempted to take over the Worldwide Church of God, got control over the Worldwide Church of God’s corporation. The Worldwide Church of God, has always been an UN-INCORPORATED spiritual organism. The members were not members of the various corporations that were created in trust for the Church by Mr. Armstrong. But these various corporations held the assets, monies, and properties of the Church. Now, this new Church, stepped into control over the Worldwide Church of God’s corporations, and began using it’s power to enforce different doctrines, and changes in doctrine. They began pushing away the true ministers, and members, and even casting out many of them, in order to make way for a newer membership loyal to them. So in a couple years after Mr. Armstrong’s death, his book “Mystery of the Ages” was no longer published by this DIFFERENT CHURCH masquerading as the Worldwide Church of God. In 1991, through a Colorado corporation sole, that had been suspended in 1983, and started back up in March 10, 1986, Joseph W Tkach was made sole member of the entity over the various corporations of WCG INC. This corporation sole, was given POWER through Ralph Helge, acting as secretary to Herbert W. Armstrong in 1981, but weirdly enough, in 1983 Mr. Armstrong found out that ex-ministers, and non-members of the Church was starting corporate soles in different states, trying to make themselves successor to the apostle of Christ. Mr. Armstrong ordered Ralph Helge to “SHUT DOWN THE DUMMY CORPORATIONS”. In 1983, the same year, this corporation sole was suspended, and was not used by Mr. Armstrong the rest of his life. It was reopened only a couple months AFTER his death in January 16, 1986! So clearly this Colorado corporate sole was a dummy corporation! It was through this corporation sole that control was transfered over to Joseph W Tkach Sr. in 1991. If Mr. Armstrong really did choose Mr. Tkach as successor, then why not immediate action, for legal purposes? Or did Mr. Armstrong have specific instructions? Or did Mr. Armstrong just have Tkach Sr. in position of “leader” of the Advisory Council of Elders, for an evaluation period when Mr. Armstrong died, as indicated by Aaron Dean? This would make him, Pastor General, as leader of the Advisory Council of Elders. What happened from the 1970’s forward past the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, was a different church trying to take over the Worldwide Church of God corporate activities. The two men who started the Philadelphia Church of God in the late eighties, was operating within the ministerial structure of this NEW CHURCH which had taken control. They split away, and started their PCG. The corporation: “WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, INCORPORATED, a California corporation” took the “PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF GOD, INCORPORATED” to court, claiming that the PCG had broken copyright law, by reprinting a book that had been printed by the WCG corporation. The PCG claimed that they had “fair use” and therefore could print the book. Each party wanted “exclusive use” of the books of Mr. Armstrong. The WCG INC party, had discontinued the publishing of the Mystery of the Ages, along with other books written by Mr. Armstrong, and on top of that, they gave the books out freely for years to the public, extending the realm of copyright, so the Judge determined that the WCG INC did not have “exclusive use”. But the PCG INC party, wanted “exclusive use” to print the books. But the Judge said the PCG INC party could not have “Exclusive use” as well. The PCG INC party had altered the books, to replace the old contact information with their own. Fair use does not give permission for a party to STEAL a copyrighted work from its owner. The PCG INC party also had been collecting funds, and donations in connection with these books, and this was viewed by the court as monetary damage to the copyright holders- WCG INC. What happened in the end, was that the WCG INC, did not have exclusive use, and could not STOP ANYONE from making available the original books distributed by the Church under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership. But since the PCG INC, did cause monetary damage to the WCG INC, by collecting monies and funds, both parties entered into the damages hearing to determine how much damage did the PCG INC do to WCG INC. But the PCG INC and WCG INC settled out of court, and made an agreement between their corporations. The WCG INC agreed to grant the PCG INC permission to print “their version” of Mystery of the Ages, along with the other books listed, from that point forward, for a fee. The PCG INC paid the fee, and began printing their versions of the Mystery of the Ages, and other writings from Herbert W. Armstrong. But the PCG could not gain “exclusive use” of Mystery of the Ages, and the other writings included, BECAUSE the WCG did not have it themselves, and therefore COULD NOT GIVE EXCLUSIVE USE. The material you find here on wwcg-archives.com are photocopies of the ORIGINAL booklets, as they were originally published under Herbert W. Armstrong. These materials have the old contact information of the offices of the Worldwide Church of God INC, which was based out of Pasadena, California. Even the original WORLD TOMORROW Television and Radio programs, has such information left on them to show the “original use”. We have been contacted by many who wanted us to REMOVE such information out of Mr. Armstrong’s books and the TV and Radio programs. If we had listened to them, we would have been SURRENDERING the original use. After the PCG began printing THEIR VERSION, they began deleting text from the books, and even adding some of their own text, because what Mr. Armstrong had written was against their Church’s doctrines, and they felt that his words would confuse their members. The PCG, a daughter of the False Church which tried to take over the Worldwide Church of God(the unincorporated spiritual organism), has its own doctrines and beliefs. They must not be confused with the true Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong, although the PCG INC uses their names very often. You have free access to the original books and booklets here on wwcg-archives.com. Other men and women, have attempted to incorporate their own libraries of the material and publications of the Worldwide Church of God. One incorporated in the state of Missouri. They too, are attempting to claim use of the original products produced by the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong. They have placed their collection under a corporate umbrella, and even in their terms of their website they make their intentions known. We warn of these attempts, and caution you to be very careful with other websites.  This website, wwcg-archives.com is sponsored and funded by the Worldwide Church of God membership that is unincorporated, and we are fighting to preserve the original publications, and make available freely and gratis to all who is interested. The original Church of God still exists, but under great persecution.]]>



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