Was Mr. Herbert Armstrong controlled by Organizations of Men?

November 27th, 1958 CoWorker Letter by Herbert W Armstrong

“This great work is NON-denominational! It is GOD’S OWN WORK — not ours! HOW IS IT FINANCED? WHO IS BACK OF IT? Only GOD is back of it, by living faith! Back in the fall of 1933 I came to see by experience that if any denomination sponsored me or paid my salary, I would be muzzled — forced to preach as men decreed! At that time MEN paid me a very small salary. They demanded that I preach and baptize contrary to the Bible, but according to their HUMAN doctrines. I replied that I would serve GOD faithfully, and not men — that henceforth I would look to God ALONE as Employer — trusting HIM alone for every financial need. He has PROMISED to supply our every NEED! I relied on Him to do it — and HE DID! At that time it was necessary to hitch-hike to meetings to preach. I had no automobile. I was preaching in a country one-room school house. One farmer said to me: “Mr. Armstrong, you won’t last long.” “Why?” I asked. “Because you are preaching the BIBLE exactly as it is — and the Bible is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for REPROOF and CORRECTION. It’s like a sharp two-edged sword — it cuts people both ways. People don’t like to be corrected or reproved. People won’t support it! YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT SUPPORT. No, you won’t last long, preaching the BIBLE exactly as it is!” I was offered a good salary to team up with a nationally- known evangelist — PROVIDED I would stop preaching certain vital TRUTHS of the BIBLE, and preach what men told me to preach. Later, in Hollywood, I was offered $100,000 a year — with assurances it would be raised to $200,000 a year once we gained a good audience rating — to become a news analyst on a major network, using a certain amount of prophetic background, for a large manufacturer in the food industry. But of course I would be MUZZLED! I have received flattering offers of having the radio program SPONSORED — again provided I would serve MEN instead of GOD! I have been persecuted, threatened, opposed. Ministers have opposed me — tried to destroy me. Communists have threatened my life. But I rely on God to protect it, as I have continued to rely on GOD ALONE, thru those whose hearts HE moves, for financial support — for EVERY need! It has been a rough road. It has been a hard battle. Never has it been easy. People have forsaken me, threatened, persecuted. But GOD HAS NEVER LEFT NOR FORSAKEN ME! He has permitted trials, temptations, apparently insurmountable obstacles. Yet He has always protected, delivered, prospered. He has blessed with wisdom, and every spiritual blessing. HE HAS VINDICATED HIS WORD! This is HIS WORK — GOD ALMIGHTY HAS BEEN ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR IT, AND TO EXPAND IT CONSTANTLY IN POWER AND SCOPE!



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