Are We Trembling at The Word of God?!!

When studying God’s Word and studying the Church’s literature written by Mr. Armstrong, which, lets be honest, teaches and magnifies what God’s Word teaches. Which of course is what a true minister does. Expounding the Word of God. That the Church learned its doctrines via the Apostles. That is how Jesus Christ saw fit to administer God’s Government in His Church. This brings me back to a statement on the “elders” after Joshua. And I can find many places throughout Mr. Armstrong’s writings that explain those verses clearly.The Bible clearly showed that Israel did what was right in their own eyes, BUT the Elders continued in what they were commanded by Moses and Joshua. That is just an example of when the leaders stay true to what they were told to do, in contrast to the recent history in the WCG after Mr. Armstrong died. Then there is the examples of when the leaders don’t stay true. That was proven throughout the history of Israel until Jesus Christ’s time. After the generation of Elders after Joshua, everyone did right in their own eyes, including the leaders. Because of their departure from what they were told, and more into allowing sin to run rampant. a Liberalism spirit was in the midst. So God corrected them through Slavery. This example of correction is evident throughout Israel’s history, and is soon upon Modern Israel today. Then God would send one man to save them and deliver them from captivity, directing them toward God and His Way of Life and OUT of Captivity. So God sent the Judges. This again, Mr. Armstrong explains many times over throughout His writings. It is very apparent that the leaders after each judge, especially after Samuel(except a few) were leading people into sin against their God. Then God would give the MANY examples of His Government through the leaders that directed the nation toward God, Men such as King David. But not one example of a council leading the Church. Can you give me one? Since David, there was one man at a time, good and bad. But that was physical. Until the captivity of Judah. Then there was Zerubbabel. One man whom God chose to lead the people to do God’s Will, to build the Temple. Then there were prophets, some at the same time, but they all had different parts to play, different jobs to do. But they did this all as individuals, except Zerubabbel and Elijah. These two had a team backing them and supporting them. So did David, before he took the throne. We know that history. Now we come down to the Time of Christ. The Roman Empire was in control over Judah, Judah had become a vassal state, debtors to their creditors in Rome. Just as we today in the US are with our creditors in Europe. They had a council called the Sanhedrin. But they were being forced to have a Top down government, with the Roman Government at least understanding that a nation must have a government of Authority. But that was government starting with man and ending with man. But God through that was teaching Government and authority. Jesus Christ came across one centurion that understood Authority, understood Government, and only asked for Christ to say the words, for he understood he had the authority of God. What did Christ say? He had not seen so much faith, no, not in all Israel! Saul, who became Paul understood Government, and was governmental and Authority minded. Now considering all the groups there among Judah at the time of Christ, not one of them being true to the Law of God. Christ even said the Pharisees had the law, but they didn’t keep it as God commanded them. He didn’t join them either. They kept TRADITION over God’s law. They decided what law meant, basically decided doctrine. And Jesus Christ went around exposing those works of darkness that they were doing BOLDLY. That can be applied to these many splinters from the Philadelphia Era of God’s Church. They may have some of the Truth(the 18 restored truths they may say, but we all know it was more than that), but because of their traditions, because of their departure from the Law of God, to man made ideas, hypocrisy and self righteousness, they are fulfilling the end-time type of the pharisees. Now the Example is set before us! Did Jesus Christ join any of them? Did He join the Pharisees? Did He join those who had the letter of the Law who broke it spiritually? That is the example I see when looking at these groups. This is an example of when the leaders were off track and set on doing it their way. What was the result? Going into captivity once again years later. Christ called his team under Him. The Apostles, with Peter being leader. That again can be proven with so many scriptures. And through the Apostles, God called the Church, a team backing the Apostles, all speaking what the Apostles taught them, speaking the same thing. Which is what Christ taught the Apostles. Today, we have an apostle, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong exemplifying God’s Way of Life, teaching us that way, preparing that way. He like Elijah and Zerubabbel has a team, just like the original apostles in the First Century. And we are qualifying to be on that team in the Kingdom now! And he like Moses and Joshua, died. For he was human.(But will lead that Team under Christ in the Kingdom of God) God commands that team, that Era to HOLD FAST to what you were taught via the Apostle, the same message he gave Ephesus. Why, because an apostle was on the scene, and God gave the Church its doctrines through apostles. There is no need for another apostle, when we still have Mr. Armstrong. Why would God restore all things, and then go around and restore them again, as if the first installment was lost and couldn’t be found. No. The Witness through Mr. Armstrong is still here. Those teachings are still here. And they still witness through those holding fast and staying true to those truths in the church. Getting back to what Christ commands His Church, he commands us to HOLD FAST, applying all the other scriptures to CONTINUE in what you were taught, as well as the scriptures about Moses and Joshua commanding them to turn NOT from the left hand or the right hand and continue in what they were told to do. There are both examples of the RIGHT way the Leaders should go, and the wrong way. The recent, as you know with the leadership after Mr. Armstrong. That is the wrong way, they didn’t hold fast, they changed doctrines, destroyed what truth they had, and apostatized. But as the example of Jesus Christ, do we follow suit? Just because the leaders over us depart from the truth, do we? And because the leaders depart, does that mean the Church ends, or our part in the Great commission ends? Too many do not understand what their part is with the Great Commission. The Churches do not understand. Which is WHY it is important that we retain the knowledge given us through God’s Apostle, which explains our part. HOLDING FAST to what we have. Like Mr. Armstrong explained, he taught the Trunk of the Tree and the main branches, the outline, the skeleton, the measuring line of which we must build and grow on. The Ministers were to expound, build up, focus on the smaller limbs, the twigs and expand from there, not departing from the Trunk of the Tree. That is what Mr. Gerald Waterhouse did. He showed us the program Christ started through Mr. Armstrong. He took all of what he was taught, the Plan of God, and expounded it into an AMAZING sermon going through almost every single point we needed! But he was human and speculated on some things. But he had the authority to correct it, not anyone else. And he did. Too many thought they can take that authority given to someone and do it better themselves, and some took themselves out of the church when they did that. Others when shown their error, repented. Today, with many of the sermons and message I’ve heard from many ministers, they do not have that structure, that skeleton, that measuring line, making clear to everyone whom God was using, what everyone’s job is, and how we fit into the plan of God. Many take the job of an apostle and Mr. Armstrong and apply it to themselves or their group. And I’m not just talking about those groups who openly say they are an “apostle”. I’m also including those who take the scriptures that apply to an apostle, that did apply to Mr. Armstrong and apply it to themselves and to the group they are fellow-shipping with and leading. Many say the Matt 24:14 is a commission and it is the Church’s commission. Mr. Armstrong explained it as a PROPHECY of an Apostle coming on the scene fulfilling the Great Commission, which of course was given to the Apostles with the Church backing them. If the Church is not backing them, showing their loyalty, sticking with it, making a stand with the Apostle, not denying Christ through the Apostle, how can they truly be doing their part? And how can they grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, if they are not doing what Christ commanded us? Only those who were doing what Christ commanded, are given a good understanding. That means the open door to Understand, which the Philadelphia Era is given! But the thing is it is SIN to those who KNOW it is SIN. If one is deceived, they don’t know better. God gives the understanding of what sin is, to those whom he is calling. But first by hearing. How can they not know what Sin is, if God’s ministers don’t show them. Look at the Ethiopian eunuch trying to read the Bible. That is why God commands God’s Ministers to TELL THE PEOPLE THEIR SINS! To Show what God says is SIN! Mr. Armstrong did his job VERY WELL! So did several ministers under him. Too many, didn’t. And very few, if any do today! And some have done so, and because they were in churches of men, under government of men, they were muzzled and kicked out of their churches. And this disillusioned many of them, they take it the wrong way, and depart even further. Because they were persecuted for standing with the Truth and God and His Apostle, they were harmed or muzzled by those who they thought were speaking the same thing. They either do two things, throw it all away and go back to this world. Or they go back with their tail in between their legs and compromise to accommodate the men that punished them for doing right in the eyes of God. Or thirdly they held fast to the TRUTH given to us through the Apostle regardless of what men say! That is what God’s minister does, That is what a True Christian DOES! That is what Mr. Armstrong did when he was faced with that. To obey God rather than men. NOBODY really does that today. And if any does, it is done in their own selfish way to preserve themselves in what they have. This excluding those who truly do. The gets down to the problem the Apostle Paul had, one group believing one thing, while others believed another. One congregation speaks one thing, another something else. We are to all speak the same thing, and that same thing is through the Apostle. That is from the Bible. Mr. Armstrong preached it. How is the Bride being made ready, when we neglect the trunk of the Tree? When we don’t measure it with what God gave us, as God seen fit?]]>



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