Jesus Christ Joined NO SECT or Denomination!

The Following is from the January 08, 1958 CoWorker Letter by Herbert W Armstrong.

“There is one point on which some of our Co-Workers may not be clear.   As you know, this great WORK OF GOD is non-denominational. We are not a sect or denomination in the generally accepted sense. Nor are we backed or sponsored by any, or connected with any.   There were several religious sects in Palestine in Jesus’ day. You read of “the sect of the Sadducees,” in Acts 5:17; “the sect of the Pharisees,” in Acts 15:5. There were also the Essenes, the Samaritans, the Herodians and the Zealots.   But Jesus joined none of them! What is the meaning of the word “sect”? According to the Cruden’s Concordance, “this word is generally used to mean a party in religion, differing in belief from the main body. In our old version it is frequently translated heresy, which the religions change to sect.” Webster defines it: “In religion: a party dissenting from an established or parent church.”   Jesus Christ joined no “sect” — but He did found and build the ONE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD. If you will examine the teachings and practices of the sects and denominations of today, and compare them to the teachings and practices of Jesus as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — and those taught by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament — you will see that the popular denominations and sects of today do “differ in belief” and that they are very largely “dissenting from the established parent church” as it was established by JESUS CHRIST! Hard to believe — but IT’S TRUE!   The true CHURCH OF GOD, founded and built by Jesus Christ — the Church of which HE is the active, living, directing HEAD — is not a sect or denomination!”



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