The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!

The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!

by Herbert W. Armstrong 1959, 1972 edition The Prophecies of the Book of REVELATION are revealed at last! The closed, sealed prophecies are opened. Here is a startling, eye- opening booklet vividly picturing the catastrophic events soon to bring the END OF THIS AGE!   GOD’S TIME has come! At last, the most mysterious, intriguing, never-before-understood Book of Revelation stands unveiled! In this heretofore closed, sealed Book, the Eternal God now reveals, not only the wonderful world of PEACE — of PLENTY — of HAPPINESS and JOY soon to shine forth on this very present generation, but also the terrifying world-catastrophes this present world is first bringing on itself! Science, technology and industry are producing more and more frightful weapons of mass destruction. Already they have produced the means to erase human life from the earth! Meanwhile, immorality, crime, violence, poverty, sickness and disease, famine and starvation stalk the earth, in fast-increasing acceleration. However, there exists a living God of love, mercy, compassion, wisdom, justice, of transcendent PURPOSE and of SUPREME POWER, very soon now to intervene, and BY FORCE to save humanity from itself. If He did not exist — then indeed the imminent end of the world would become also THE END OF HUMAN LIFE! But the living GOD, happily, is VERY MUCH ALIVE! — alive to world trends — alive to the self-inflicted plight fast closing in on a humanity now caught hopelessly in the trap of its own rebellion — utterly helpless to extricate itself from its fast-approaching fate! What’s Coming First? But this happy WORLD TOMORROW, under the government of Almighty GOD, will not come until man has actually reached the end of his rope! Not until man has proved beyond his last shadow of doubt that he is utterly incapable of ruling himself — not until he has been given his last chance! The time has come when this world must be warned! The present strife between major nuclear powers — the constantly accelerating international tensions — the internal upward spiral within nations of crime, race riots, violence of every sort- -combining to plunge the world into a holocaust of destruction and death such as never happened before — and never shall again! The God of Creation knows human nature and its inevitable END. Every gigantic step in world events from here is pictured in God’s prophecies! God’s time has come to OPEN WIDE to human understanding the awesome prophecies of the BOOK OF REVELATION. Today this solemn warning is being thundered around the world, as a witness! Take warning yourself, while you may, and mark well this fact: No PLAGUE NEED COME NEAR YOU! YOU may, if you heed and obey God, be accounted worthy to escape these things that shall certainly come to pass! These Not Normal Times It’s time to wake up! These are not normal times! After nearly 6,000 years of comparative quiet, the whole world suddenly erupted in world-shaking VIOLENCE beginning in 1914. But we have seen NOTHING, yet, compared to what is soon coming! Suddenly knowledge has increased. Scientific knowledge, technological development. Instantaneous communication, rapid transportation, frightening inventions have resulted. Man has learned at last the secret of the atom. Man has learned how to unleash powers and forces and energies of nature that can destroy human life from off this planet! At this same time, God Almighty is opening up new knowledge. Mysteries of God, never before known or understood by man, are now revealed to God’s true servants! What Does All This Mean? It all means that a purpose is being worked out here below! And the time has come for the Eternal — the Creator-RULER of the universe reveal to us HOW world events, from here, are going to work out the tremendous CLIMAX of that divine PURPOSE! The whole earth is now shaking with convulsions, preparatory to the mightiest happenings of earth’s history! We are now in the very CRISIS AT THE CLOSE of this present evil and unhappy world!

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