Please Accept Our Humble Apology

  Please Accept Our Humble Apologies Earlier this week, prior to the celebrated day of Christmas by many, we posted several articles on the subject of “Christmas”. I, personally posted on a group two articles from the list of articles posted, because I saw someone making jabs at the Truth concerning Christmas. So in reaction, I posted several articles of WHY I don’t keep it. OF course this was proselytizing to those of the group, even though what I wrote said it was addressing those who don’t keep Christmas. Those who did keep Christmas, didn’t ask for the teachings to be posted. Those who did believe the Truth about Christmas didn’t ask for it either. So it was unsolicited. And I was blind to it at the time, apparently for years. So hastely after finding out I was removed from the group, I posted on my wall a rather ignorant post, accusing them of not allowing free-speech, NOT knowing what I was actually doing. What I had done. One of the admins went onto almost immediately or a short time after posting, of which I do not know HOW she came to find it, I wasn’t friends with her or have any mutual friends. But somehow she found it and made comment. I told her comment to my father, and he explained that from her point of view, I was proselytizing. Then it hit me. I posted teachings to people who didn’t ask for it, unsolicited. I had written on their group, to appear I wasn’t attacking them personally, that I was addressing those who knew the Truth about Christmas and why it shouldn’t be kept. But they too didn’t ask for me to give them articles of teachings either. So I was even proselytizing to them as well. I was soliciting material to people who didn’t ask for it. Now I see that it was wrong. I didn’t at the time. I thought I was just making my stand with the Truth, because of the jabs said by one person. AS many times before. So that got me thinking about all the other times I reacted the same in year’s past. It started back when My brothers and I were first faced with the Truth. We arrived on Facebook looking for groups, and other individuals teaching and talking about the VERY TRUTH of God we were learning and Found valuable. ALL we found was groups saying they were pro-Herbert W Armstrong, but finding the individuals running them were not at all. So they were attacking God’s Church and attacking the very TRUTH of GOD we were taught. SO in defense to God’s Truth we stood up to these spiritual bullies, and told them they were wrong, and we can prove it! Some did ask us in those threads to show them, that we really didn’t have any proof against their statements. SO we showed them, and we fought and fought until no one was left attacking. Even throughout these confrontations we were soliciting or pushing our beliefs on them. We didn’t see it. But it happened. We then came onto other groups and quite a bit at that, and posted articles, sermons, World Tomorrow Programs, FLOODING the Internet with what was taught! AGAIN unsolicited. And these other groups again was pro-Herbert W Armstrong, or appeared they were. Some were there to promote their Church and their teachings. Some groups, the admins left the group unattended, opening the admin spots up, and we stepped in becoming admins, and kept posting the teachings on people who NEVER asked for it. Again I see it was WRONG and is STILL WRONG TODAY! That is going to CHANGE. And it has with the groups we did administered to. WE had about a dozen or so groups, posting on them Materials, we assumed, the people wanted or needed. Perhaps it was. But it was just that, an assumption. Again we were pushing our beliefs and the teachings on them. This last year we archived the groups we administered to, seeing no one was interacting with anything we post. It was like speaking to a wall, it appeared. But again we didn’t see what we were doing. But God moved us or at least made us come to the point that HE has shown us where were we in Error. I had several individuals come to me privately in years past, saying that we were pushing our beliefs down everyone’s throat, which we now see, we were. I of course didn’t think so, and told them so. Which is Human Nature. With all the posts we posted before on proselytizing, we didn’t know we were doing it, while we were doing it. With this short article, or not too short, we CONFESS our wrong in pushing our beliefs on YOU who didn’t ask for it. And we REPENT before all, seeing to it that wouldn’t happen again. If I could send this to all who we offended by our actions, I would. Too many years, and too many people. So I pray this reaches those whom God can reach, knowing only God knows all the people who were offended by our actions. We were wrong. And we apologize and REPENT and wish it never happened! All we can do is see that it never does from this point forward. I hope you can forgive us in this. Humbly and Sincerely before all, in Christ’s Service, WWCG-ARCHIVES.COM STAFF The Kitchen Family]]>