Pagan Holiday's – or God's Holy Days – WHICH?

[EXCERPT] Pagan Origins   Ancient Rome’s pagan holidays have been chained upon a heedless and deceived world. These include certain annual holidays—Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, as well as many more, every one a pagan day—every one used to stimulate the sale of merchandise in the commercial markets. Upon honest investigation, the earnest seeker after truth learns that these days are all of heathen origin and pagan significance. He learns that he can have no part in them.   But is the Christian of today left without any annual holy days? Did God never give to His people annual holy days, as well as the weekly Sabbath? Are not ancient Rome’s annual holidays mere counterfeits of God’s true holy days, exactly as Sunday is a counterfeit of the true Sabbath?     Pagan Holidays – or God’s Holy Days – WHICH?CLICK HERE  ]]>



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