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Note: My comments are based on the material of the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong and by Herbert Armstrong himself.


Dear HWALIBRARY.COM owner Mark Scarborough, As one who uses Herbert Armstrong’s name for your own dba, How can you handle any tithes and offerings, let alone donations, when the very teachings you claim to preserve says the opposite of what you are doing? If I recall, only those who were given that authority by God were the priests, the ministers. And if any laymember raised funds for the “work” they were to be given to the minister, not to their own pockets, sort of like an autonomous work, which Mr. Armstrong warned about. It is that, which differentiates, in my opinion, with what the Bible says and what these churches are doing. It is not doing what the Bible says, not even what Herbert Armstrong taught. I do however agree that oneself can donate their own time and money to preserve what they believe in, but according to God one cannot handle God’s money(which the Bible says are tithes and offerings)from other people, without being a minister, according to what Herbert Armstrong taught, that is what the Bible teaches. As a member of God’s Church(as you claim) you must obey God, and only handle what you are authorized to handle. That is what the teachings of Herbert Armstrong taught. So it does come down to God’s Commandments. I understand this differs from the many points of views peopl have about this.

As I’ve stated before the copyright for the materials belongs to the Church as it was under Herbert Armstrong. It is the material of that church. It is not the material of another church/group going by another name. And it is not to be confused by a corporation, which the Church is not. Even the PCG has copyright only to their edits, the copyright still belongs to the “Worldwide Church of God” and “Herbert Armstrong”. And understanding the difference between a corporation and the people called by that name, is very important. And to note, this church has long recognized Garner Ted Armstrong as an apostate, and that work he done among this Church, was of his own, to waterdown the teachings being taught by his father. There are many articles, letters stating this, proving this from Herbert W Armstrong himself. So this Church recognizes the command to stay away from him and his teachings, since they differ from what we were taught and believe. Yet you accept his teachings as your own, and mix them altogether. This even breaks what the very teachings of Herbert Armstrong taught. So lets summarize this up here… #1 – You accept tithes and offerings, as well as donations, WITHOUT being a minister. Yet the teachings of Herbert Armstrong say otherwise. #2 – You accept and mix in, promote what God(according to the teachings taught) said not to keep in, and according to those teachings be breaking God’s commandments, when you mix in a former minister that was proven he was not of God. I believe you do not need to take God’s money in order to make available the truth, when the truth of the matter teaches only a minister can handle them, and one being a laymember cannot. All the while perverting it with something the material themselves say to stay away from. I believe one can sacrifice and make available what one believes. But in God’s Church, of which the materials belong to, if they are not a minister they cannot handle any tithes and offerings from God’s people. And if they do, they are taking God’s tithes and using it where God has not authorized it to be. That is stealing, which breaks God’s Commandments. I will like to state my comments are based on the materials written and and spoken by Herbert Armstrong, which I personally believe. I understand this is not what everyone believes. I’m just making clear what it is based on. I’m not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong, just basing it on the materials of the Worldwide Church of God as it were under Mr. Armstrong.

If we believe the same material, then we ought to find the problem here, and come to the solution. But that is up to both parties.

Mark – you need to look at this hard and long, because if you believe the material that Herbert Armstrong taught, you need to see the difference between the two. The hypocritical positions we face within all the churches, need to stop at home and with ourselves. Like the Bible says charity starts at home. It really comes down to, are we doing what we supposedly are teaching. Many don’t. They’re more interested in mammon, than walking the walk. It is not about who is right or wrong, but that if we believe the same materials, then the truth is right, and we need to get our focus on walking the walk, instead of just talking the talk. Again this comment is based on the materials of Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated Spiritual organism. I understand this opinion, which I personally believe are facts, differ to everyone else. This is just my reply to one claiming the same beliefs per se. If you do not believe the materials, then do not take this as one pushing one’s beliefs on you. If this is the case, I do apologize. And if you do believe differently, Mark, I respect that, but it does need to be made clear to everyone, when you post our(the Church’s) Materials. This is what we have asked all the COG’S to do. To make clear one does not believe the same. If we do, then Jesus Christ has provided the answer. Why not co-operate together for that same goal? One cannot walk together unless the be agreed. This letter was written a couple of years ago, and republished.  ]]>



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