OPINION: Joining the Church just to GET

  “To my great sorrow I learned a costly lesson. Some have merely “joined” the Church–not being really converted as I had supposed. Human nature was still with them. They still were on the “GETTING” way of life–not Christ’s “GIVING” way. To my great sorrow, I had to learn that, even in the Church, many who are GETTING their living on salary from the Church, still live by the “GETTING” standard, not God’s way of “GIVING.” The more they GET the more they want–and when they get it they are never satisfied, but want more.” Quote from Herbert W. Armstrong, Pastor General’s Report December 27, 1979


  • Are you joining with one of these¬† “churches” or “organizations” simply because you want a PAYCHECK?
  • Are you trying to find “the closest group to the truth” in order to GET what YOU WANT? Fellowship? Something to do?
That is the carnal mind reasoning within you. SATAN’S WAY IS “GET”! God’s Way is GIVE!¬†Mr. Armstrong found out that many weren’t converted, but were just joining a church that “agreed with them”, because they could GET what they wanted. If you are just looking for “the closest group” you WILL NOT FIND THE TRUE CHURCH! And then you will be joining a church of this world, created by those who have gone out of the true Church!
  • Which way are you living? Are you getting back on track?
We all need to examine ourselves, because I believe many are joining FALSE GROUPS, just for the paycheck, or to GET what they want.]]>