OPINION: Joining the Church just to GET

  “To my great sorrow I learned a costly lesson. Some have merely “joined” the Church–not being really converted as I had supposed. Human nature was still with them. They still were on the “GETTING” way of life–not Christ’s “GIVING” way. To my great sorrow, I had to learn that, even in the Church, many who are GETTING their living on salary from the Church, still live by the “GETTING” standard, not God’s way of “GIVING.” The more they GET the more they want–and when they get it they are never satisfied, but want more.” Quote from Herbert W. Armstrong, Pastor General’s Report December 27, 1979


  • Are you joining with one of these  “churches” or “organizations” simply because you want a PAYCHECK?
  • Are you trying to find “the closest group to the truth” in order to GET what YOU WANT? Fellowship? Something to do?
That is the carnal mind reasoning within you. SATAN’S WAY IS “GET”! God’s Way is GIVE! Mr. Armstrong found out that many weren’t converted, but were just joining a church that “agreed with them”, because they could GET what they wanted. If you are just looking for “the closest group” you WILL NOT FIND THE TRUE CHURCH! And then you will be joining a church of this world, created by those who have gone out of the true Church!
  • Which way are you living? Are you getting back on track?
We all need to examine ourselves, because I believe many are joining FALSE GROUPS, just for the paycheck, or to GET what they want.]]>





Is the WorldWide Church of God still in existence?
What name does it go by now?


    Hello Joe,
    The Worldwide Church of God, as Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in his articles, is a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM of human beings who have been called by God, and given the Holy Spirit of God. He identified them, as the members of the Church.
    Now, in several publications he made it clear that the “legal corporations” was NOT THE CHURCH!
    And in one article, he clearly says the Worldwide Church of God membership are not members of the “legal corporations”.
    Many look on the “legal corporation” as the Church, which is the wrong way to look at the Church. The Church was never the “legal corporation”.
    Today, the spiritual organism has an identity, the very same identity it had under Herbert W. Armstrong(Christ’s apostle)- The Worldwide Church of God.
    There are some “legal corporations” going by that name, but the true Church is NOT a “legal corporation”. And by the evidence of the publications of the Church, we can prove the existence of the SPIRITUAL ORGANISM,due to Mr. Armstrong making the DISTINCTION between the legal corporations and the MEMBERSHIP.
    The legal corporation does not govern the true Church.
    In Revelation 2-3, are pictured 7 candlesticks, or 7 distinctive ERAS of the true Church of God.
    The Philadelphia Era of God’s true Church, or the Worldwide Church of God, was raised up under Herbert W. Armstrong, by the living Jesus Christ.
    In Zechariah 4, is ONE candlestick, picturing the Philadelphia Era. This is ONE CHURCH.
    Feeding this ONE candlestick, are two men. Two apostles preaching the Word of God, feeding the Church the “golden oil”, which represents the Holy Spirit.
    Herbert W. Armstrong, as an apostle, who came as a type of Zerubbabel, fulfills the FIRST of the 2 anointed ones.
    Now, according to the Word of God, this next apostle, feeds the SAME CANDLESTICK, the same Worldwide Church of God!
    Now turn to Revelation 11. Pictured there are TWO WITNESSES, who are pictured as TWO CANDLESTICKS.
    If the First of the TWO WITNESSES, is the SECOND of the TWO ANOINTED ONES(Zech 4:14), he is over the PHILADELPHIA candlestick.
    The Second Witness would be over the last candlestick described in Revelation 3, the Laodicean Era.
    The Job of the Two Witnesses will start at the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
    The Philadelphia Candlestick, is promised protection, and goes to fly into a place of protection.(Rev.3:10; Rev. 12:14).
    So in order for these prophesies to be TRUE, the Philadelphia CANDLESTICK, or the Worldwide Church of God, MUST BE THE TRUE CHURCH!
    Now, under the apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong, the gospel message went out in POWER to the World!
    Ask yourself this. Why does God have to GIVE POWER to His TWO WITNESSES?
    It indicates that the gospel message was for a time NOT GOING OUT! Now look at the time, between the death of Herbert W. Armstrong and the starting of the commission of the TWO WITNESSES. Both Mr. Armstrong and the MAIN WITNESS are the TWO anointed Ones of Zechariah 4. Feeding the same Candlestick.
    Before the end shall come, the Word of God prophesies of a GREAT FALLING AWAY from the truth of God.(2 Thes. 2:2)
    In Zechariah 4, God mentions ZERUBBAABEL, whose hands will lay the foundation(HWA) and whose hands will FINISH THE TEMPLE(The Main Witness).
    They are both in the office of Zerubbabel, preaching the exact same thing.
    Notice Exodus 23:20-22. This angel, can be a human messenger. He is there to “keep you in the way”.
    Malachi 3:1, speaking of an end-time messenger who would prepare the way, was fulfilled through Herbert W. Armstrong.
    The main witness will be here to keep those in the Church….”IN THE WAY”. Which way? The Way that had been prepared!
    SO in order for the Main Witness to be fulfilling the scriptures in Zechariah, and Haggai, and Exodus, the SAME CANDLESTICK must exist.
    And that candlestick of Philadelphia is the Worldwide Church of God.
    This is not speaking of “legal corporations”.
    Too many are rushing to these “legal corporations” calling themselves “churches”.
    A distinction has been made.
    And remember, a name IDENTIFIES. Why would HWA be over the Worldwide Church of God, and the next anointed one be over a different church with a different identity? That cannot be the case!
    They will be over the same Church, the same candlestick, in the same ERA- Philadelphia.
    And if that same true Church, the SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, exists, then why are some joining with these DIFFERENT churches?
    Remember, Laodicean brethren are performing works OUT OF SEASON, Jesus Christ SPUES THEM OUT into Great Tribulation, because they are neither hot nor cold.
    So, we see today, a landscape of works, of different organizations. They are not doing the Work of God. Because in this current Philadelphia Era, we are commanded by Christ to HOLD FAST. That means, this encouragement is needed. Christ is saying, because you are going through the great falling away,Don’t let go, HOLD FAST TO WHAT I GAVE YOU THROUGH MY APOSTLE! And if you stay true and faithful, I will protect you from the Great Tribulation.”
    Today, are groups who have been “set up”(Malachi 3:15). They aren’t doing the Work of God. But are mere counterfeit churches.(Rev 3:9) Laodicean Brethren are drawn unto these COG groups, through COMPROMISE. You have to compromises something of what was taught in order to fellowship with them and support these groups. And through this compromise, they are caught up in a “legal corporation”, which is a creation of the state! Read Jeremiah 24. Those who aren’t obeying God will be given to the leaders of the land, represented by Zedekiah. These “legal corporations” are creatures of the state.
    So while God has stripped the true Church of a “legal corporation”, many are running back into Babylon, joining themselves to the state. Remember the first century? The true Church is being persecuted.(Rev 12:13)
    But this is the Philadelphia Era, and the Church must stay faithful to their calling in backing the apostle- HWA!
    And if we cave in, and look elsewhere- towards another church, we are forsaking our calling!
    So today, the true Church goes by the Worldwide Church of God. It is the identity of the one and only candlestick.
    This website, is ran by members of the Worldwide Church of God, to warn and to admonish our brethren to HOLD FAST, and not to disobey God by joining to another Church.
    We are only members. So we do not collect donations, or tithes and offerings. We are waiting for God to raise up His true apostle, or the main witness.
    This man won’t be over ANOTHER CHURCH, which has ANOTHER NAME. Mostly, these other COG groups are mere “legal corporations”. And that isn’t the true Church.
    The Worldwide Church of God is a spiritual organism.

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