Correspondents Address a Variety of Topics

Correspondents Address a Variety of Topics

Excerpt from December 27, 1979 Pastor General’s Report

This week’s comments are made up of miscellaneous letters that cover a variety of subjects. We felt that they are worthwhile because of their thought-provoking content. –Mail Processing Center Returning to Church I wanted to share some of my happiness with you. In March of 1975, my husband and I were baptized by one of God’s ministers. For some time, we grew in the spirit. After a few years went by though, we separated ourselves from the Church. We quit giving our tithes and soon we even quit attending Sabbath services. Needless to say, we cut ourselves off from God’s blessings and left ourselves open for everything that Satan could sling at us. Just as you have been saying for years, Satan would like nothing better than to see the “family” shot to pieces. Just as I came to realize how wrong I had been to separate myself from God, my husband decided that he wanted a divorce. I went before God, repented of having gone a path that I knew for a fact was wrong. I’m sorry to say my husband went through with the divorce. It hasn’t been easy disciplining myself when it comes to Bible study, prayer and fasting, sometimes actually having to force myself to kneel and pray. I’m now on my way back to recovery from a long spiritual illness. I ask for your prayers for my children and myself. It’s really hard being a single parent.

–F. G. (Texas)

  Cheerful Giving This is such a privilege for me to be able to contribute my small amount to God’s Work. When a person only has money every now and then, and can’t be a regular tither, it makes one appreciate more the privilege of being able to give at all.

–Mrs. B. Randolph (Bakersfield, CA)

  Teenager Concerned About Satan’s Influence Being 18 I think I can offer a suggestion that may help others my age. Satan is really after the Church of God and its human leader and apostle, Mr. Armstrong, but I had no idea that Satan, archenemy of the Almighty God and Ruler of the universe, was also after me! I think as teens we feel that our parents are in the church and I am and boy I’m doing o.k., not realizing that our invisible enemy is working ways to get you out of the church, thus-away from the defenses offered by God and given over to a “strong delusion,” Yes, I knew that I would have trials and problems, and that Satan’s broadcasting does affect us. However, to my thinking, I wasn’t important enough to be of concern to Satan. But since growing up, I’ve realized that yes, Satan is after each of us, individually, as well as collectively! I really feel this should be ingrained in the teen-agers minds.

–Timothy R. Murphy (Plattsmouth, NE)


Thankful for Blessing of Children

Sitting in church last Sabbath during the blessing of the children, I got to thinking and remembering when our children were blessed in Big Sandy years ago and thankful for this service. Although our children are grown now, I know God has been looking over them all these years. Almost a year ago (Nov. 24th, 78) our youngest daughter, Rebekah, who at that time was 20 years old, was kidnapped by an escaped convict. As it turned out, all he wanted was a ride to the home of his family. We know that God was with her at the time. And I believe this blessing of the children is a vital service of the church. It is really needed to protect our children from so much in this world.

–Mrs. Delores Abrell (Indianapolis, IN)

End Time Prophecy Unfolding

It is obvious now to anyone that understands prophecy, that God is no longer holding back events prophesied to take place in the near future. Listening to the news is like reading Daniel 8. I just hope it is over fast so that God’s Kingdom can be set up and we can all live in peace.

–Diane Heller (Jacksonville, FL)

There have been so many significant developments in the world recently–the Pope’s visit and his other travels, and now especially in the Middle East and Israel. It is really shocking but we cannot help but realize we are nearing the end of this system and there seems to be deterioration on every side.

–Miss Morva Atthowe (Berkeley, CAL)




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