TV Audience Impressed by Lack of Pleas for Money

TV Audience Impressed by Lack of Pleas for Money

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report July 13, 1984

  “WORLD TOMORROW” viewers frequently comment on’ the sharp contrast between Mr. Armstrong’s telecast and other religious programs. They especially notice the absence of soliciting and begging the audience for contributions. This policy creates a favorable impression and enhances their enjoyment of the program. Following are a few of the many letters we’ve received: I have seen your television programs regularly and been quite impressed. I feel that your approach is quite different from any other TV evangelist–no flashy jewelry, no pleas for money, no playing on people’s conscience about how expensive it is to stay on TV. (One came on last week and asked to help him repay a $5 million debt!) I have pledged 10% of my profit to the Lord’s work. Here is this week’s installment. D.H. (Clearwater, KS) Mr. Armstrong is really outstanding. I’m the kind of person who thinks there’s a “catch” to everything, but I haven’t caught his catch yet! I think the thing that impressed me most was that he wasn’t asking for money. All of the other religious programs to me are boring. But Mr. Armstrong is really crying out, and if what he is saying is really going to come to pass, which I think it will, then it’s going to be great! A.F. (New Bedford, MA) I am very happy you don’t beg and cry for money all the time, saying “God will provide.” If God will provide then there is no need to beg and cry! It appears to me that these other people are of little faith. I also enjoy your programs, which I think get down to the facts. W.P. (Aurora, IL) I’ve looked into a lot of churches and the number one thing they ask for right off the bat is money. I saw one minister last Sun- day asking people to send in all the money they could. I heard Mr. Armstrong’s program in Oregon–he said he’s not asking for money–I didn’t understand that. Then it hit me. His is the real Church. These other guys equate religion with money. I guess I won’t watch them anymore. P.N. (Riverside, CA) I saw your program for the first time this morning and I am im- pressed, I was awake all night and tried to go to sleep while you were on, but no way! You keep the attention of those who have no . “oomph” left. You’re terrific! I am also impressed that you don’t ask for a donation of any kind. I have found with my friends that the biggest stumbling block to watching Christian TV is that they are offended when ministers whine and beg for money. Now I can tell them just to relax and watch you! Praise God for a second Paul! L.A. (Schaumburg, IL) Mr. Armstrong impresses me because he doesn’t beg and whine for money. He’s straightforward in his approach. I was so excited that I called my sister in Massachusetts. L.L. (Pompano Beach, FL) My husband and I listened to your television broadcast tonight. Let me tell you we were deeply impressed. You are the first minister of God’s Word who doesn’t expect money for his services in God’s work. We were really pleased to hear the sincere truth about God that you told. Mr. & Mrs. L.S. (Wagoner, OK) I was so happy to see someone spreading the Word without de- manding money. I am out of work right now and have only love, prayers, praise and works to give. Other preachers have made me feel bad because I don’t have money to give them, but you made me realize that Jesus would rather have my heart than my cash. S.B. (Seal Rock, OR) It was a very startling experience for me to watch your program and not be requested to send money. When I saw you begin your talk about the magazine you offer, I thought, “here comes the pitch.” But lo and behold–no pitch! I realize that TV exposure is very expensive, but I just cannot understand why a person who feels directed by God to spread the word should expect his audi- ence to pay for whatever expensive vehicle he decides to use for this purpose. R.A. (Framingham, MA)]]>



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