Telecasts on Tithing and the Sabbath Draw Excellent Responses

Telecasts on Tithing and the Sabbath Draw Excellent Responses

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report June 29, 1984

  Two of our most recent telecasts, which discussed tithing and the Sabbath, brought in excellent responses, even though they were hard-hitting doctrinal subjects. Viewers’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive to both telecasts, in which Mr. Armstrong spoke directly and powerfully. While many were surprised, even shocked, they were convinced that Mr. Armstrong presented the Biblical truth on these topics. Thousands of our callers were quite eager to receive the literature. Many called for the first time, although they said they had been regular viewers for months. The program on tithing resulted in a total of 6,276 weekend calls for the booklet ENDING YOUR FINANCIAL WORRIES. The telecast about the Sabbath drew 7,797 calls requesting WHICH DAY IS THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH? Both booklets had never been previously offered on TV. Following are a few comments from the viewers of these programs: Tithing is one thing I’ve always wondered about. I’d like to give it a shot and see what happens. Mr. Armstrong never leaves me hanging; he always explains a subject very well. I was raised on the Bible and Mr. Armstrong is very clear about it. J.D. (Girard, OH) My husband and I have always felt guilty about not tithing. We don’t attend any church, as those we have attended have not taught the words of God. Herbert W. Armstrong’s television broadcast of June 17 made it clear that it is our obligation to tithe. We have never known where to send our tithe where it will be used for God’s purposes and not for man’s. Enclosed is God’s 10% of what we’ve earned from the time we listened to Mr. Armstrong’s broadcast. Thank you. Mr. & Mrs. J.A. (Costa Mesa, CA) The program is something that is needed today to make people think. I am an Adventist, so I already knew about tithing. Deep inside, I know what I should do–that everything is God’s and a little 10% is nothing. Mr. Armstrong explained it very well, So even a child could understand it. Anytime you follow the Bible as it is written you can’t go wrong. W.M. (Washington, DC) It was beautiful because I’m a new tither. It shouldn’t be new, because I’m an old Christian. V.K. (St. Louis, MO) The program was excellent. I had never considered which day is the true Sabbath, but it is important for Christians to know. I looked at my calendar and Sunday is the first day of the week– not the seventh. Mr. Armstrong’s message struck me to the core. H.G. (Palms River, NJ) It shocked me! I always thought the Sabbath was on Sunday. But Mr. Armstrong is very thorough in his studies. Since I have been listening to him, he has enlightened me and helped me to under- stand. The truth brings me peace of mind and makes me hungry for more. Y.L. (Bogalusa, LA) “The WORLD TOMORROW” explains it all and leaves nothing out. I like the fact that Mr. Armstrong tells us not to believe him, but believe what we read in our own Bible. I hope God keeps blessing him to continue to do what he is doing. L.E. (Tennessee) Mr. Armstrong makes you think. He’s not like other ministers or TV preachers–he teaches without sensationalism. I take pleasure and joy in watching and listening to his message. It’s a breath of fresh air. J.A. (Philadelphia, PA) “The WORLD TOMORROW” program broke with religious tradition today –but I believe what Mr. Armstrong had to say. We are often taught things from our childhood which are not correct. E.C. (California)]]>



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