Taxes and the Christian's Duty

Taxes and the Christian’s Duty

By Ministerial Services

Pastor General Report, June 01, 1984

From time to time around the United States, and in other countries where it is possible, certain citizens have followed tax evasion schemes in an effort to keep from paying taxes. These schemes may include declaring oneself a trust, declaring oneself a church, declaring that money has no value and therefore should not be taxed, among others. God’s Church is commanded by Jesus Christ to “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s” (Matt. 22:21). The Apostle Paul reiterated this same teaching in Romans 13:1, 5-7. Jesus set us an example by payinq taxes (Matt. 17:24-27). Not only are we to pay our taxes, we are also commanded to pray for world leaders so we can live a peaceful life and proclaim the Gospel without persecution (I Tim. 2:l-3). Taking advantage of all lawfully authorized deductions is proper! However, to devise plans, schemes and fab- ricate facts in order to evade paying of taxes that are lawfully due is both illegal and a SIN! Such blatant illegal activity has no place in the Body of Christ. Paying taxes to the government is – not contrary to God’s Word. Christ has called us to be lights and examples to the world by obeying God’s Word, which includes paying our taxes. Therefore, it has been deemed that under the present time and circumstances, anyone who teaches or advocates among Church brethren that they should not pay their taxes will be causing division.]]>



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