Readers Encouraged by PLAIN TRUTH Article on Singles

Readers Encouraged by PLAIN TRUTH Article on Singles

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report July 06, 1984

  Many readers have responded to the article in the June/July PLAIN TRUTH entitled “Singles Who Can’t Find Mates,” by Mr. Ron Kelly. Young or old, man or woman, divorced or never married, they were greatly encouraged to realize that God is concerned about them and their personal needs. A number said that the article reinforced their Christian values and that they were determined to put God first. Following are some of the many letters we’ve received: I would like to say that the article “Singles Who Can’t Find Mates” was terrific. There was so much good insight and truth in it that has further helped me in reinforcing my own Christian values and beliefs! I hope others read the article. The advice given could apply to both single males and females. I totally support the concept that God must come first in a per- son’s life, relationship and marriage. Any Christian single per- son who doesn’t believe this is headed for trouble, and for that matter, anyone considering any type of future in the world today without God being present is making an even bigger mistake. S.A. (Augusta, GA) I would like to compliment the writer of the article, “Singles Who Can’t Find Mates.” After reading this inspiring article, I was happily reassured that it is perfectly normal to be single. I try to lead a good Christian life, maintaining myself both physically and mentally. Today we are living in a very “physical” world. It is so easy to be misled and follow the wrong path. Evil just waits to take us astray. Your article made me realize that having faith and the power of prayer can conquer all. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and putting a smile in my heart. J.K. (Phoenixville, PA) I have just finished reading the article, “Singles Who Can’t Find Mates” by Ronald Kelly. Thank you for bringing it to us. I am a young divorced mother of two girls (ages 7 and 4). I find myself asking the same questions as the people mentioned in the article. And it helps to know that I am not alone in my empty feelings. I don’t know if I’ll ever remarry. At times I don’t want to. I’m afraid to trust a man. I have seen and been a part of too many lives who have been hurt by husbands and fathers. I pray to God, always, to help me learn to trust again. I hope in time God will direct me to a man who will be physically and spiritually compat- ible with me. In God’s own time, I’ll know what is in store. Thanks again for bringing us this article. D.S. (Lawrence, MI) I am writing you about the article I just read in The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, “Singles Who Can’t Find Mates.” Thank God for people like you who aren’t ashamed to call sin by name. This article has just opened my eyes to the right way to live…. Thank you for helping me set my life in order with God’s Word. Now I see the light. I shall continue to help support The PLAIN TRUTH ministry as long as I live and also tell my friends. M.T. (Winston, GA) This letter is to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to the en- tire staff of The PLAIN TRUTH. I’ve never read a more enlight- ening, comprehensible and factual magazine as The PLAIN TRUTH. If I may, I also want to thank Mr. Ronald D. Kelly for his superb article on singles. Being a single Christian, as I am, is somewhat difficult but not impossible, as some would think. His article helped me to really understand and cope with this “minor detail” as a Christian. P.S. (New Orleans, LA)]]>



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