Readers and Viewers Inspired to Study Their Bibles

Readers and Viewers Inspired to Study Their Bibles

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report, June 01, 1984

  It is encouraging to read letters from readers and viewers who have taken Mr. Armstrong’s advice to “blow the dust off of their Bibles” and begin to understand God’s Word. Using “The WORLD TOMORROW” program and our literature as guides, many are having their eyes opened to the truth. The following comments from letters describe some of their reactions: Your teaching and beautiful literature have given me much wisdom. Now I read my Bible daily and put God first in my life. Before I do anything, I ask for guidance from Him. Every week night, I turn on my radio to hear the program, and watch it on TV Sunday evenings. The program is so impressive. I read the scriptures later. Now that God is in our home, my daughter has started reading her Bible daily. God sent you to us and changed our lives. G.B. (Stamford, CT) I am excited, fascinated, and fired up by The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. When I read it along with the Bible, the words come alive. The PLAIN TRUTH encourages me to study the Bible instead of just reading it. Your articles are always informative, timely and educational. I’ve learned so much just reading your magazine and referring back to the Bible. Someplace in the New Testament it says, “Those who observe the commandments and teach others to do so, shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.” The PLAIN TRUTH magazine is the greatest! J.B. (Los Angeles, CA) Your free publications and Sunday program have helped US to strengthen our faith and Christian beliefs. We are gaining un- limited knowledge from the Holy Bible–which your publications have helped us to understand more of. When so many churches teach muffled versions of the Word of God, it’s difficult for one to comprehend what God intends us to know. The fact that you say, “Don’t take someone’s word; don’t take my word; read it for your- self,” has helped us to open the pages to the most important Book of our lives. L.& B.B. (Columbus, OH) I’ve been receiving and studying much of your literature for the past six months. I must confess, never have I been so excited and compelled to search the Scriptures to justify your revelations. You have truly been blessed by God. By your fruits I know you speak the truth. R.M. (Lebanon, IL) I have been listening to you on the radio every night and on TV every week for three or four months. (I used to work at night but I lost my job.) Before this time, I would go months without read- ing the Bible but now I can’t go a day without reading it. I have learned more about the Bible in this short time than in the last 20 years (I’m 30). Thanks to you, Mr. Armstrong, I know at last what the Bible is really about. You have opened my eyes to the real meaning. A.V. (Elizabethton, TN) When anyone begins to understand the Bible, he knows how few preachers God actually has. Jesus Christ states this knowledge is only given to the called ones. When anyone realizes what good God has in store for him, he searches the Bible daily. The more time he puts in studying the Bible, the more he receives as to how he can receive the good things God has in store for him. C.M. (Cliford, MS) I watch your program often and would very much like a copy of THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY and The PLAIN TRUTH. You are right; it’s time I dusted off my Bible and started to read it, and this will be a start. You are a good man and we all need you. Mrs. W.C. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)]]>



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