Prayers work Miracles – Answered Prayer

Prayers work Miracles – Answered Prayers

The following was taken from ministerial comments in the Gainsville, Florida area June 15, 1984. Pastor General’s Report June 15, 1984

  An astounding miracle occurred with one of our long-time members this month. He has been unable to attend services for many years because of an advanced case of Muscular Dystrophy and was hospitalized in the Critical Care Unit and put on a respirator. His life depends, of course, on the functioning of that machine. One night the respirator malfunctioned and the oxygen supply was cut off. The member could not breathe. He gasped for air to no avail. He prayed to God in the darkness of his room. No one had responded to his pushing the emergency button. Suddenly, he was aware of a man standing over him. The man did not turn on the light, nor did he speak, but as soon as he was by the bedside of our member the machine went on and began supplying oxygen. Once the machine started working again the man disappeared. Our mem- ber related this a few hours later to the hospital staff. They hadn’t heard his emergency button call and there hadn’t been a man on duty in the C.C.U. that night, therefore the staff told our member he just had a nightmare. The member knew better!]]>



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