People Who Reestablish Contact With God's Church

People Who Reestablish Contact With God’s Church

By Richard Rice


We frequently hear from people who first contacted the Church years or even decades ago, but for one reason or another lost touch with it. As the work of the Church grows, many “rediscover” The PLAIN TRUTH or “WORLD TOMORROW” program and begin receiving our literature once again. Some are individuals who grew up in God’s Church only to get caught up in the world’s ways in their teen-age years. Sadder but wiser, they seek to live by God’s laws in later life. Others moved to new areas or became engrossed in job and family responsibilities or educational opportunities. Many express fond memories of reading The PLAIN TRUTH or listening to The “WORLD TOMORROW” and are pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Armstrong is still preaching Christ’s Gospel exactly as they remember. People’s interest is often greater the “second time around, ” after they have experienced setbacks in their personal lives or begun to see prophecy falling into place. Following are some of the more interesting comments we’ve received from people who have renewed their contact with God’s Church: “My husband used to listen to you every day on his way to work. Now retired, he lost track of you until we happened on your program last week. You should have seen his smile–like he found an old friend, E.W. (Atco, NJ) My grandmother listened to you on the radio when I was a young girl sitting around the wood stove in the dark. Listening to you preach sure brings back good memories. K.H. (Westvilla, OK) I used to listen to Mr. Armstrong 40 years ago when my children were babies. I listened today–didn’t even know he was still around. Today was the first time since then that I’ve heard the Bible preached like it should be preached. It’s amazing what he can still do. I’m so happy to know he’s still around. M.J. (California, MD) I’m back. What I mean by that is that I got confused because some friends got me interested in another religion. But the more I studied with them the more I went back to reading the booklets you have already sent me. My wife and I had a long talk and we decided to stay with Mr. Armstrong. With the booklets we have, we are going to start a little library, where we can take a certain subject, and with a booklet and our Bible sit down with our two daughters and study as a family. Those booklets really help us to understand the Bible. We have promised ourselves to take 10% of our paychecks and give it to The “WORLD TOMORROW.” We will no longer cheat God out of His tithes. J.M. (Medina, OK) I listened over a decade ago to your broadcasts as a student in college, but did not appreciate their content or message. Now, 11 years later when I am at an emotional and financial low, the Worldwide Church of God resurfaces. Perhaps we know that the world is headed on the wrong course, but we are able to subjugate our misgivings when we are in a headlong rush for material possessions. When the material collapses, we are forced to revert to the search for basic truth. G.B. (Racine, WI) My mother has been a member of the Church for about twenty years and I am 23 years of age, so you might say I was brought up in the Church. Unfortunately, I am not a member. You see, I quit attending when I was about 17 or 18 and started living the way of get. I don’t mind telling you that I wish I had kept on going to church. Then, maybe I would not have done the things I have done in the past five years, which I sorely regret. I started attending church again in December of 1982, and now look forward to observing the Sabbath. I feel I have learned a great deal about the way of give, and God’s law. I am very anxious to learn more. T.R. (Kingsland, GA) I received The PLAIN TRUTH about 25 years ago for awhile, but then I got to moving around so much that I lost track of it, and I lost touch with hearing Mr. Armstrong. I heard him today for the first time in 20 years and I am overjoyed. It’s such a blessing! J.H. (Riddle, OR) I heard Mr. Armstrong years ago when I was a teen-ager (I’m 45 now) and couldn’t believe it when I turned on the radio this morning and heard him again1 He’s still talking about the same things! Mrs. R.N. (Kansas City, MO)]]>



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