Literature Helps People Cope With Trials

Literature Helps People Cope With Trials

By Richard Rice

Pastor General Report June 15, 1984

  It is heartening to read how The PLAIN TRUTH and our other literature have been of great encouragement and inspiration to people in their time of greatest need. With the help gained from the literature the Church produces, many have been able to weather severe trials–illness, divorce, unemployment or the death of a loved one. Many have written telling how their faith has been strengthened and their outlook on life brightened, as the following letters show. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your concern and generosity for me and all peoples of the world. The PLAIN TRUTH is a success because people with the right attitude are behind it. Your magazine has helped me in many ways with my attitude about physical, financial, mental, emotional and spirit- ual things and concerns. I truly thank you. H.D. (Akron, OH) Thank you for wanting me to have The PLAIN TRUTH. I learned much from it, and I enjoy having it sent to me. I cannot send you any- thing at this present time…but as soon as I can I will send my gift so that others may enjoy this magazine because it helps me to keep my faith when things around me fall apart. L.K. (Trenton, MI) Would you please send a subscription of your wonderful magazine to my daughter–my only child–who has just divorced and has her own daughter to rear. I came upon The’PLAIN TRUTH shortly after my own unwanted divorce five years ago and it has helped me a lot. I had gotten away from God for a long time (being married to an atheist). I do believe The PLAIN TRUTH is the only truth. Maybe it will comfort her. E.B. (Chicago, IL) Yes, I would like to still get The PLAIN TRUTH. I was getting it when my husband passed away and it helped me to get over the depressed feeling I had. I knew God took him out of his suffering for he had cancer and also had to have surgery on the spleen and gall bladder. Before he went back to the hospital he told me that if God wanted him to live he left it in His hands, but if not he was ready to go for he had made peace with his Maker. He also read The PLAIN TRUTH and loved it. Thank you for publishing this magazine. Mrs. L.M. (Saluda, SC) I have M.S. [multiple sclerosis] and The PLAIN TRUTH helps me “survive.” J.H. (Randolph, MA) Watching you on TV has given me a different outlook on life. I am a recovering alcoholic that had lost his faith in everything. I want to thank you. J.A. (Michigan City, IN)]]>



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