Impact of Our Literature

Impact of Our Literature

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report, May 04, 1984

Our literature has aided and inspired people from all walks of life. It is especially helpful to prisoners, people who have lost loved ones, and others facing serious trials and difficulties. Last month, for example, we heard from a prisoner in a maximum security section, a woman whose daughter committed suicide and another woman who was severely depressed after a stillbirth, all of whom said they were given hope and inspiration through our publications. Readers are often astonished at the truths they learn. One said THE TEN COMMANDMENTS booklet was a “blow to my solar plexus.” Another was “Stun- ned” by THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY. A third said THE BOOK OF REVELATION UNVEILED AT LAST! “exploded several lifelong thoughts.” Impressions of God’s Church We heard from a number of people who attended local Worldwide Church of God services for the first time. They said they were very inspired and moved by the friendliness and concern of the brethren. One man brought money for an offering to services and was somewhat surprised that there was no collection. The PLAIN TRUTH In the Classroom The high quality and educational value of The PLAIN TRUTH is recognized by teachers of various grade levels in countries around the world. From the Filipino teacher who wishes to enhance the moral and spiritual upbringing of her pupils, to the professor in India who wants to teach his students how to think, many educators have used The PLAIN TRUTH and our other literature in classroom situations. A few students have written to order literature recommended, or in some cases required by their instructors. Following are some letters from teachers who have contacted the Church: “I an very grateful for your having furnished me several pieces of literature, including The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. Especially in this chaotic and sick society, these reading materials are enlightening and give me a spiritual awakening, as well as an indepth explanation of the causes of the present worldwide social, political and economic upheaval. As a classroom teacher, I am able to utilize effectively the principles gathered from your precious literature in giving my students the appropriate discipline and encouraging them to observe moral, spiritual and social laws to enhance their upbringing . H.M. (San Juan, Metro Manila PHILIPPINES) Please send the PT to me in India. I am a professor at a college there and would like to use the magazine as a classical reference for my students. I like it because it is of HIGH QUALITY and THINKING. I would like to train my students in higher thinking with it. My doctorate is in the Cultural Arts. Dr. A.D. (Bardoli, INDIA) Working with young adults today has become increasingly more dif- ficult for the classroom teacher. There are many areas which the teachers are either not allowed or haven’t the time to talk to the students about. To somewhat help this problem in my own classroom, I am starting an “Information Table.” This table will hopefully contain information on a wide variety of problem areas of adolescence. Using the Index to Free Material, I have found the titles of the following information which I feel would benefit my students. If still available would you send me 30 copies of the following material: ALCOHOLISM–A WORLDWIDE CURSE, THE DILEMMA OF DRUGS, THE SILENT EPIDEMIC, and BUILDING A HAPPY FAMILY. Any help would be appreciated and well used, I guarantee. Miss S. (Thorndike, ME) I have been a teacher at Maryknoll Convent School for over one year now. While in transit in Alaska in December of 1979 (on my way to take up my post here as a French teacher), I was pleased to find a copy of La PURE VERITE. I enjoyed reading the many differ- ent articles in that edition, and have used several as teaching material in class–with a good response from my students. If possible, we would appreciate very much your sending complimen- tary copies of each issue. As we have a very strong French de- partment in our school, I can faithfully promise that each maga- zine you send will be carefully read. J.C. (Hong Kong) A member of our faculty was so impressed with your article en- titled “What Teachers Wish Parents Knew About Schools” that he brought a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH to me. The principal and I have read the article in question and we think that it should be read by our students’ parents. On December 8th, 1983 we have scheduled our open house activities and we would like to reproduce the article and make it available to parents on that day. May I have your permission to do this? If you would be willing to assist us in this very special way, you would be performing an invaluable service for our students and their parents. Dr. J.W. (Chicago, IL) Thank you very much for sending The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. I teach Catholic religion, English, and ethics. Your magazine has already often given me valuable information, new incentive to look at things differently, and practical material for the school lessons. I am very interested in further information and would be happy to receive brochures to give to some of my pupils. R.H. (Mainz, WEST GERMANY) I extend my heartiest congratulations to The PLAIN TRUTH in your 50th year of publication. I have learnt much from the few copies that I have received. May the Lord bless and prosper you in your good work. I am looking forward to your free booklets. It would be a great help to both my mum (a missionary) and I (a Sunday School teacher). I am often confronted with difficult questions asked me by my teen-age class, and your booklets would definitely be a guideline for me. V.G. (Chatsworth, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) With great pleasure I received your postcard today. After reading the reader’s opinions about KLAR b WAHR, I’m interested in it too. I’m a German teacher in the Tianjin Foreign Language Institute. Our Institute has only ordered SPIEGEL and STERN. I don’t have the opportunity to read other magazines. But today I’m writing to you with much hope and a burning desire to receive and to read KLAR & WAHR. I believe it will be very useful in my job. S .S. (Tianjin, CHINA)]]>



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