Humorous Comments From Our Readers

Humorous Comments From Our Readers

By Richard Rice

Pastor General Report September 07, 1984

  Strange and funny things sometimes happen to our literature once it arrives at a reader’s home. Following are a few amusing incidents shared in letters we thought you would enjoy. I have a copy of THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY. The other day I was reading it as usual, and became so engrossed in what was being unveiled to me that I bumped my coffee cup and it spilled over and demolished the book. All the pages stuck to- gether and the book with its information became sealed again! J .S. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) There was an accidental destruction of The PLAIN TRUTH you sent to me earlier. I picked up the mail, put it in my back pocket and decided to give our goats some water before going into the house. The mail fell out of my pocket and before I realized it, the youngest goat was having a meal of The PLAIN TRUTH. It was shredded and all that was left were a few pages. Therefore, could you please send another April issue of the magazine? G.S. (Berkeley, Ontario, Canada) Thank you for replacing my PLAIN TRUTH. I will read it to the puppy from now on, never letting him take matters into his own paws again. Mrs. D.M. (Orofino, ID) I would like to know if I can obtain another copy of the January, 1984 issue of The PLAIN TRUTH as my four-year-old boy cut most of the pictures out and it is now unreadable. T.R. (Ionia, MI) Will you please send me another copy of THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY. My neighbor saw it on my bookshelf and took it home to read. That was a month ago. She called the other day trying to buy the book because she was so interested in what she read and underlined almost every word. I said the book was not for sale but before I could say that she could have it, she bluntly said, “Well if I can’t buy it, I’m just going to keep it anyway,” and hung up! J .J. (Nashville, TN)]]>



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