God's Miraculous Protection

God’s Miraculous Protection

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report August 10, 1984

  This week’s letter comments reflect God’s care and protection of Church members and others involved with God’s Church. They include examples of personal property being safeguarded, deliverance from disastrous weather and accidents. We thought you would find the following firsthand accounts inspiring.

These are trying times and we thank you for praying for us as we are praying for you. This brings to mind the tornado which passed through here not too long ago and how God protected us.

I was sitting on our porch deck when big drops of rain began to fall. I thought I had better go into the house but didn’t shut the kitchen door. When the tornado struck, I ran to shut the door because the water was flooding my kitchen and soaking me. A cement block was picked up and hurled toward the door but never touched it. Instead, it dropped down in front of the door. Half of the porch cover was torn off and thrown on the bank, where it took two men to move it. God spared my life through all that and showed me what a powerful God we have. M.H. (Morgantown, WV)

Before my fiancee and I started watching your show, we lived our lives to want more and more material items. We each had a good job, a new car, plenty of money and a nice apartment. But we both seemed to have been leaving out the one who blessed us with these gifts–God. Then one evening in January 1984, we had a very serious auto ac- cident. We were hit from behind and our car exploded into flames. The police and those who saw it said we should have been killed instantly, especially the two girls, 6 and 8 years old, who were trapped in the back seat with no way to escape. We cried and prayed for God’s help, when something made me run toward the car. The car was totally engulfed in flames, but the fire parted like a pair of drapes opening, which allowed me to reach the children. We all escaped with only minor injuries. Since that night we have totally changed and have given our lives over to God. We now have God as ruler and leader and live by His commandments and laws. M.S. (West Warwick, RI)

I know we are all truly blessed by keeping God’s commandments. Though flood waters washed all around my house–in some places over knee deep–1 was safe. The flood only washed out some of my driveway, which I was able to fix myself. I do thank our merciful God. Mrs. R.W. (Dover, AR)

Last year I was hit by a car while walking on the highway. I flew 65 feet down the road, where I was hit again by the same car. The police said I was not breathing when they got to me, which was al- most immediately, because they had been following the car down the highway at the time and were about to pull the driver over for drag racing with his buddy. I received CPR and oxygen and on the way to the hospital had to be revived several more times. They didn’t hold out much hope for me. As it turned out, I had no broken bones or internal injuries. I did receive ten stitches in my scalp. I was up and walking one month later. J.L. (Cliffwood, NJ)

Enclosed is a thank offering for an answered prayer. Recently, I used my personal video cassette recorder at school for one of my classes. We had a faculty meeting after school and I forgot to go back to the room and get my recorder. On the way home (30 miles away), I remembered it and since it was too far to return, I asked God to protect it.

The next day when I walked into the classroom, the first thing I noticed was that the school’s video equipment had been stolen. During the night someone broke into the room and took the TV mon- itor, camera and recorder but my recorder was still sitting there–two feet from the empty cart. Furthermore, they took the school’s camera off of my tripod and left the tripod.

About a month later, in another answer to prayer, the school’s equipment (which is under my direct control) was returned during the night. God still performs many miracles and answers prayers. Thanks be to Him. W.G. (Tucson, AZ)

Today God’s miraculous power saved me from certain death or great injury. I own a John Deere garden tractor with a 48-inch mower deck. The combined weight of the two is in excess of 1000 pounds. The tractor was scheduled for service maintenance today. While attempting to load the machine on the back of my pick-up truck, the loading ramp collapsed, flipping the tractor and me upside down. I fell down and landed on my back on the splintered loading ramp only to look up and see the tractor falling directly on top of me. I raised my hands in the air, caught the tractor by the hood and held it in the air above my head for several seconds. After calling for my wife, I attempted to shift my body out of line to drop the tractor to the ground. The tractor ever so gently lowered to the ground, pinning my leg only, which was easily freed. Only the great hand of God and His mighty power could have given me strength to hold the tractor in the air above my body. The iron seat was bent in two, the steering wheel broke against my stomach, the hood, lights and dash all were damaged. My sun glasses were smashed flat, yet I suffered absolutely no cuts or broken bones. Except for some sore muscles, God Almighty protected me from harm. I praise God for loving me so much to look after me every second of every day. I now realize the great importance to daily put on the full armor of God, daily pray and talk with Him. J.T. (Kennewick, WA)]]>



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