Colorful Quotes

Colorful Quotes

By Richard Rice Pastor General’s Report, April 6, 1984

A number of people who write in express themselves in vivid and interesting ways. This week we are featuring some brief, colorful comments about The “WORLD TOMORROW” program, our literature and Christian living. I saw your broadcast today for the first time. I was so impressed, it was like a beautiful melody–it lingered all day in my mind. N.C. (Columbus, OH) Sunday morning radio in Washington, D.C. is a lot more interesting since I found The “WORLD TOMORROW” on WRC radio. J.G. (Beltsville, MD) Your voice comes during the night via the radio like a ray of light in a very dark, carnal, materialistic world. Please keep that light coming because God and His Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, are truly all we have. E.C. (Raleigh, NC) I hsve often listened to your program on the air. You have lit the candle of hope in my life. For this, I am most grateful. L.S. (Ossining, NY) I would rather listen to you than eat when I am hungry. E.H. (Lumberton, NC) After 70 years of going along with the tide, I have been turned around by your program. H.F. (San Diego, CA) In these troubled times the Sunday evening telecast offers hope and is a pleasant change from violence, immorality, slanted propaganda and politics. M.D. (Bayside, NY) You still have the No. 1, terrific, scriptural, true program in all the world. B.P. (Guthrie Center, IN) I don’t think I’ll ever miss another program: I feel I’ve found a gold mine. H.C. (Buena Park, CA) Thank you for offering free materials to a struggling family man. I have to admit it, in an age where nothing surprises me any more, you did! F.P. (Holbrook, MA) Thank you for your soul-feeding material and enlightening news each month. The messages you bring add new meaning to our lives and give us a firm base to stand on in these uncertain times. H.W. (Belfast, ME) The GOOD NEWS magazine is the best I’ve seen and it’s my spiritual meat. Most religious magazines are so low on food a person would starve to death. Mrs. R.M. (Hillsdale, WI) I so enjoy your writings–each is a new adventure which is read and reread. M.B. (Clinton, IN) Your magazine and booklets really help put the pieces of life’s puzzle into place. J.A. (Shreveport, LA) I swallow your Bible lessons at a gulp and make a meal of your booklets and The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. I just can’t get enough of them. V.H. (Coleman, OK) I’m ready to start on my fourth lesson of Bible understanding. I must tell you, it is the most enlightening journey through the Bible I have ever taken. B.N. (Friona, TX) I have blown the dust off my Bible and my life has changed drastically for the better. D.O. (Yonkers, NY) Christian living boils down to this: even with steadfast obedience and devotion, God won’t smooth out the road, but He will put springs on the wagon. (Name not available)]]>



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