Church Literature Provides Long Sought Answers

Church Literature Provides Long Sought Answers

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report June 22, 1984

  Many people who come in contact with God’s Church are amazed at what they are learning and often mention that their lifelong questions are now being answered. Some have searched for the truth over a period of years, or even decades, and are thrilled that God has finally led them to His Church. The following comments convey the zeal and enthusiasm of those discovering God’s truth through our literature. How I wish I had known about you, The PLAIN TRUTH and the booklets that I receive and love, sooner. I am sixty years old and never had a goal in life until these past few months, due to your teaching. I desperately needed to know more. D.M. (Belleville, NJ) I started reading The PLAIN TRUTH magazine approximately six months ago and I must tell you that it has affected me deeply. Also, I have read some of the booklets offered free of charge, and enrolled in the Bible correspondence course. I was raised in “religion” but never felt satisfied–so many questions remained unanswered, so many explanations and interpre- tations seemed inadequate. Through the years, I have spoken with many people of various churches and beliefs and found myself even more confused. I now know that I have at last found the truth. By reading, studying and listening to Mr. Armstrong’s broadcasts, I find that my doubts are being put to rest and my questions are being answered, sometimes in such rapid succession that it is almost breathtaking. J.J. (Dover, NH) I can’t believe what a difference it makes to read just one arti- cle from your timely magazine. The articles are enriching and the information you give is priceless. Your booklets have also benefited me tremendously. I have finally found the answers to important questions and I’m experiencing a more total inner peace. A.G. (Goshen, CA) Please send me the free literature as listed. I do want to thank you dearly for the booklets that I have already received. They have helped me tremendously. They have answered my questions and erased my doubts. They also helped me to answer questions asked by my children. Thank you for the literature that I can pass on to them. I’m 61, a Catholic and not ashamed to admit that I have learned more this year through your literature than I have since I’ve been able to read and I now understand what life is all about. A.K. (Aliquippa, PA) I’ve been a subscriber to your magazines for seven years now. In addition, I’ve taken your Bible correspondence course. I’ve read this material and compared it to the Bible and the customs in which I was raised. I’ve gone to the point of consulting numerous ministers with all my questions and absolutely not one could answer more than two of my questions. The material that I’ve received from your magazines has ALL the answers to my questions. Mrs. R.T. (Dayton, OH) I have recently become interested in your literature. It is extremely eye-opening. Your material has made me realize all the questions I had about the Bible in the past may be answered. In just one issue of The PLAIN TRUTH my eyes have been opened about so many things. I have already sent in a card for my year’s sub- scription, but listed below are some other booklets I am interested in. P.T. (Linden, TX) For the past year I have read your literature and my Bible is now so clear–just like a jigsaw puzzle being completed. As I told one of your ministers on the phone, just as I form a question in my mind, the next booklet I read gives the answer. I am growing in the knowledge of my Lord. G.O. (Williston, TN)]]>



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