Blessings in Employment

Blessings in Employment

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report, May 25, 1984

  God generously provides for those who faithfully keep His laws, especially in the area of their employment. Many members have been blessed with better jobs, salary increases, improved business even in slower economic times, and grace and favor in regard to taking time off for the Sabbath and holy days. We thought you’d find some of their experiences, as shared by the following letters, very encouraging. My husband has just been blessed with a new job and he is making two to three times as much as he did at his previous job. So in- stead of sending a check for this amount twice a month, we will be sending one once a week. It’s an answer to our financial problems. Not only has the income been a blessing, but also my husband has been assigned to the first shift indefinitely. This is a real blessing and a surprise because at the factory where he works you have to have years of seniority before you can get on first shift. Now my husband will be able to continue attending Spokesman Club. T.V. (Beaver Dam, WI) I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am fine, except for sore feet. You see, I have been working for New York Airlines for three weeks as a ticket agent. God has blessed me by granting me my dream career. For ten years I have wanted to be either a flight attendant or a ticket agent. It was a long and hard struggle, but after 3% years in the U.S. Army, 14 years of college, travel school in 1980 and two jobs in the travel industry, it has finally happened. Training in New York was fast paced and difficult at times, but I always prayed to God to help me through it. L.M. (Washington, DC) Enclosed are the last tithes and offerings from my part-time job. I quit my job to be a full-time homemaker. Since I quit, my hus- band, after working night shift for almost five years, was suddenly put on day shift. He has been given more overtime than ever before. He now makes more money in two hours overtime than I made in one week at my part-time job. God has really blessed us for paying our tithes and trusting Him. S .M. (Marysville, OH) Our son Earl started a new job about four or five weeks ago. When he was there for three days they asked him to work on Saturday. He said no because he observes the Sabbath. He was told that his job could be in jeopardy because of it and was in fact fired. The next day, Earl talked to the ministers about it. Then on Friday he decided he would stop by the place where he got fired and ask the man to put down in writing why he was fired. The man took him to someone else higher up and this man asked Earl if he was told they work on Saturdays before he was hired and he said no. This man also told Earl that he could get his job back (especially when he found out that he did up to two days work in one day). He also told the other man that they could be in serious trouble for firing him because of the Sabbath and asked Earl when he wanted to start back to work. He said he would come back on Monday. It sure was a fast answer to prayer! Mr.& Mrs. E.B. (Elkhart, IN) After you answered my first letter’s question about keeping the Sabbath holy, an unusual blessing from God took place in my life last week. Just when I had consented to God, in prayer, to speak to my boss about taking Friday evenings off, my boss told me that same day to take Fridays off because his customers would be watching sports on TV. My heart dropped to my feet. God had intervened where I hesitated. It really strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ. B.L. (Taunton, MA) As I am employed as a construction worker, I have never been able to predict my income with any degree of accuracy due to the capriciousness of the economy. However, my current second tithe savings at this mid-year point shows I have earned much more than ever before in my forty years. I am both thrilled and amazed at God’s blessing! It is, therefore, with sincere joy that I send you my tithe of the tithe. Use it to the best advantage for God’s great festivals as He has truly opened the windows of blessing on myself and my family. G.S. (Portland, OR)]]>



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