Amusing Comments From TV Viewers

Amusing Comments From TV Viewers

By Richard Rice


  Viewers of “The WORLD TOMORROW” program often relate how they came in con- tact with the telecast. Sometimes the circumstances are unusual, interesting and humorous. Their impressions of the program are also occasionally spiced with humor. We thought you would enjoy some of these comments. A dog barked in the neighborhood and kept me awake about two-thirds of the night, but I’m grateful because I was able to hear Mr. Armstrong. (I stayed home from church because I was tired.) Mrs. M.G. (Ft. Pierce, FL) I was a church organist but I’ve given that up so now I can stay home and watch Mr. Armstrong. E.S. (Norfolk, VA) We love your programs on TV. I know we should go to church but the preacher puts us to sleep. We like your eye-opening messages. Mr. & Mrs. K. (Clinton, IN) I love his program. When my mother will sit and listen I know it must be good. B.B. (Pikens, SC) I really enjoyed the program. I am converting to Catholicism and need all the help I can get. B.P. (Pearl, MS) I haven’t listened to Mr. Armstrong in 20 years. At that time I sent some money and you sent it back. I thought that was very different. That was nice! G.D. (Taylor, MI) I listen to the ministers on TV crying and going on and on and I talk back to the TV and tell them if I have any money, it will go to the Worldwide Church of God. M.K. (Beardstown, IL) I’m an avid sportsman, but I’ll tell you, even if people played a game on my lawn, I wouldn’t even ask the score if Mr. Armstrong was on TV at that time. I wouldn’t miss his program for the world. That’s how important it is! F.P. (Philadelphia, PA) I would say have a Happy Easter but I found out today it’s a pagan holiday, so have a good day. D.W. (Chicago, IL) We listen to your program each Sunday morning while we are in the barn milking cows. Mrs. P.M. (Geneva, IN) For the voice crying in the wilderness, you are doing a good job, Mr. Armstrong. Not even the football games can keep me away from your TV program. F.P. (Honolulu, HI)]]>



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