Readers Prove Mr. Armstrong Right

Readers Prove Mr. Armstrong Right

By Richard Rice


A number who contact God’s Church are at first skeptical, even antagonistic toward our teachings and doctrines. Some start out determined to prove Mr. Armstrong wrong. But after thorough study, they are forced to admit that he is right after all and that it was their former beliefs which are in error. Following are some interesting comments from such people: I felt I had to tell you that I will not swallow your teachings hook, line and sinker! I will continue to read your literature if only to try to prove you wrong (which I am beginning to think I cannot do). If, in the course of my study, I come to the con- clusion that you are indeed right, I will let you know. I must thank you for opening the Bible as a book of study for today, and not just some great dark unfathomable mystery. A.T. (Muskegon, MI) I’m a firm believer in God’s advice “to prove all things.” Yes, I diligently sift through Mr. Armstrong’s booklets too. God does work in mysterious ways–all my “buts, ‘I “maybes, ” and excuses are being stripped from me. I’d like very much for you to relay the following to Mr. Armstrong: in trying to prove him wrong, I’ve ended up proving him right and me wrong! E.S. (Ironwood, MI) I must write to tell you how much I appreciate all the publications I have received from you so far–The PLAIN TRUTH, GOOD NEWS and Bible correspondence course plus many of your booklets. There have been a number of times while reading your articles when I said to myself, “I got ’em on this one,” only to find you are right again. G.H. (National City, MI) My husband and I have been married a little over six years. I’ve grown up listening to you and believing the Gospel but my husband hadn’t. So he finally decided to prove you wrong. He started this on his own. I had nothing to do with it. All I’ve ever said to him in all these years is prove it wrong and I’d believe anything he wanted me to believe. So all of a sudden he did try and then said, “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is to say I was wrong and that hurts.” I said “Mr. Armstrong has always said that.” Now he hungers for the truth and wishes to pay his tithe, which he’s never done before. S.G. (Moscow, TN) I don’t swallow things whole–I’m a digger and I see that I’ve been wrong! That’s refreshing to me. I’m 61 years old and have been in and out of 13 “Christian” churches. This is the only [real] one. He [ Mr. Armstrong] calls himself an apostle and wow, I believe it! V.H. (Boulder, CO) Please allow me first to say thank you for all the booklets and Bible correspondence course lessons you have sent me. Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve been having my eyes and ears opened by Mr. Armstrong’s broadcasts and all the printed material from the Worldwide Church of God. I took the challenge and started to check into and prove (or disprove) the beliefs which I had blindly accepted for so long. I proved to my satisfaction that the Worldwide Church of God is God’s true Church. With that proof, I started to change my life and the course it was on. I started keeping the Sabbath and I got in contact with the Church’s local minister. For the last two months I’ve been at- tending Sabbath services, and most recently my wife has come along also. I will be speaking to the minister soon about baptism. R.R. (Somersworth, NH) After reading your magazine and literature I always check my Bible. I have never caught you wrong in any of your statements pertaining to Bible scripture. Sometimes it’s a little hard to grasp, but it always stands up. W.W. (Alexander, NC) I have been receiving The PLAIN TRUTH magazine for almost one year now, along with countless booklets all free of charge. I am amazed at the accuracy of your interpretations and translations of the subjects in your writings. You and your staff are to be commended. I check out each and every translation with YOUNG’S ANALYTICAL EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE and find that you are right on the money each and every time. You are batting 1000. Keep plugging away and telling it like it is, The PLAIN TRUTH. J.B. (North Bergen, NJ) I have increased my knowledge tremendously by reading and studying your literature. At first I was apprehensive, but through prayer I’ve found your works are scriptural. There have been many unanswered questions in my mind that you shed light upon. H.B. (Farmington, MI)]]>



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