Brethren Inspired by Mr. Armstrong's Sermon Tapes

Brethren Inspired by Mr. Armstrong’s Sermon Tapes

By Richard Rice


  Members in the local churches always consider Mr. Armstrong’s taped sermons a highlight and very special blessing. They are helped, enriched and encouraged by the fresh understanding his messages bring. Following are a few of the recent comments we’ve received. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement, instruction, admonition and inspiration that we have received from you, not only in letters and articles, but most especially in the taped sermons that we have been hearing. I do so much look forward to them. Indeed, God is revealing more truth to you and we thank Him for it. We thank you for sharing this precious gift with us. C.L. (Houston, TX) I just have to write a note to thank you for your messages on tape we have been having on the Sabbath. We have learned so much in the Church through you–how God calls us and opens our minds to understanding: what the Gospel and Kingdom of God are; God’s purpose and plan: what the government of God is; how Satan kidnapped the whole world: what a good foundation is; what the family of God is: the true meaning of “born again”: and the spirit in man and how, when coupled with God’s Spirit, we can get spiritual understanding–and so much more. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for it is through you we have this knowledge. You have more understanding than anyone on earth today and how blessed we are to have you pass it on to us. God’s Spirit is certainly working in you and through you. M.L. (Youngstown, OH) Thank you for the sermon tape which was brought to us last Sabbath about the spirit in man and the composition of spirit. It is always great to hear your sermons because it brings us back to the trunk of the tree or “home base.” Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own problems that the overall plan of God seems so distant. Bringing the Kingdom back into perspective is re- freshing, even more so than a glass of cold water on a very hot day. Mr. & Mrs. D.W. (Soldotna, AK) We heard your message on the Philadelphia era’s commission at services this past week and were renewed with excitement for the job we have a part of in this Work. We look forward with anticipation to having a part in the time of restoration of God’s ways upon this suffering world. Thank you for your service and your prayers that help open our minds to this way. J.H. (Epsom, NH) Thank you for your latest tape concerning the foundation of a new world. I have determined to become a much stronger part of the “Temple” to which Christ will come. A.M. (Mount Clare, WV) We heard your latest tape at Bible study and were really moved by the new truth that you made available. After the study was over, a buzz of animated chatter filled the room. We count ourselves the most blessed and most fortunate of all peoples who have ever lived. To be alive during the close of this age and the transi- tion into the World Tomorrow and to know what is happening is wonderfull We do pray daily for your health, comfort and safety. We also ask God to give you more of this stimulating new truth. L.V. (Sherwood, OR) Last Sabbath, here at church, we had one of your latest sermon tapes, expounding the book of Galatians. It was very informa- tive, educational and full of spiritual meat. We would like to thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for all the truths you have reestab- lished in the Church of God. Yes, indeed, it is very easy to take all these truths of God for granted. There is no other church on the face of this earth that has these truths. We thank you again, Mr. Armstrong. Mr. & Mrs. G.K. (Lancaster, CA)]]>



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