Booklets Have Powerful Impact!

Booklets Have Powerful Impact!

By Richard Rice


Most of us in God’s Church can probably remember one or two booklets that especially caught our attention during the initial stages of our spiritual education. Many of our readers are prompted to write in after a particular booklet has brought them great enlightenment or taught a valuable lesson. The following letters show the impact our literature can have. I have just finished reading your booklet on water baptism, and feel I am definitely ready to be baptized. I was born into a Catholic family and was baptized as an infant. I had water either poured or sprinkled on me, but I know I was not immersed. One night I came across The “WORLD TOMORROW” program and it literally changed my life. Now I know and understand that I must obey God, His laws and commandments. I fear God and want to do what pleases Him–now I need some help. I would like to have some questions answered: Can I baptize myself? For I have baptized myself with the aid of my wife. Can I baptize my wife? I also did that just before baptizing myself. Do you need witnesses? If what I did was not valid, then I would like very much if one of your ministers would come to my house and baptize my wife and myself. R.B. (Brooklyn,. NY) I have picked up a couple of your magazines at the supermarket, and just sent in a card to subscribe. My son (age 11) looked over my shoulder at the magazines and some of the ads for your free booklets really caught his eye–particularly WHO IS THE BEAST? and THE FOUR HORSEMEN. Please send these booklets-the ad sent him running to get his Bible when I told him what the booklets were about1 He’s sitting now with his nose buried in the book of Revelation instead of being glued to the TV. I must thank you with all my heart. Your clever ads got his attention and interest, which is more than I’ve been able to do. M.S. (West Terre Haute, IN) Your booklet PAGAN HOLIDAYS OR GOD’S HOLY DAYS-WHICH? came on March 15th almost a year ago. I decided to read it when I got the chance. After a long day I was looking forward to retiring. On doing so, I found I couldn’t sleep. Shortly before 2 a.m. I got up, wide awake, and went downstairs to read the booklet. By the middle of the booklet, I was so excited about Passover and the holy days I was ready to write in for a calendar adhering to God’s timetable. My curiosity urged me to read ahead in hope I would find the answer, and I did. Under 1983, March 15th was the first day of God’s Sacred Year–the day the booklet arrived! I could see that God was actually leading me and answering my questions. L.L. (Walworth, NY) I have learned more from a couple of your booklets–THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY–than I could have learned at the local Bible college. I have read and studied both booklets twice. I learned that the Ten Commandments are for me today. They are not some obsolete laws that were done away with by Jesus Christ as some churches teach. I guess I really knew this all along but I hadn’t given them much thought or study. I now feel like I know who I am and where I came from: also where I’m going. I feel like I’m finally on my way and will make it by the grace of God. R.B. (Plant City, FL) I’d just like to say how much I’ve learned from reading some of the literature you have sent me. I am surprised at some of the things that I’m learning and would like to thank Mr. Armstrong, especially for the booklet WHAT DO YOU MEAN–THE UNPARDONABLE SIN? For the past few months I’ve wondered if I’d blown it all in one fell swoop of stupidity. Thank God I haven’t! S.S. (Ontario, CA)]]>



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