OPINION: Attending a different Church?

  Are you attending a different Church? Zechariah 4 depicts ONE CANDLESTICK, with 2 APOSTLES(anointed ones) feeding it the golden oil(John 6:63; John 17). This candlestick represents the Philadelphia Era(Rev.3:7-13), or better known as “The Worldwide Church of God”. Herbert W. Armstrong fulfilled the role of the FIRST apostle(anointed one). Mr. Armstrong, and the next apostle of the Worldwide Church of God, come in the office of Zerubbabel. In Revelation 11, Jesus Christ reveals that there will be 2 Witnesses. These 2 witnesses are said to be ” Two candlesticks “. (1: Philadelphia 2: Laodicea) If the Philadelphia Era, or “The Worldwide Church of God”, must exist for the MAIN WITNESS to represent it, and feed it, let us ask you this question! WHY ARE YOU ATTENDING A DIFFERENT CHURCH? The PCG, The LCG, The RCG, The UCG and ALL OF THESE SPLINTER GROUPS, are a different Church, with a different identity. The identity of the Philadelphia Era, and candlestick, is that of ” the Worldwide Church of God”! Herbert W. Armstrong, Christ’s apostle, wasn’t the apostle over any other candlestick! The Worldwide Church of God is NOT a legal corporation, as stated by Mr. Armstrong many of times. It is a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM! So it is important to note: If the true and only Church of God is identified in the current Era of Philadelphia as “The Worldwide Church of God”, then why are YOU,  our reader, joined with and supporting, therefore gaining the identity of ANOTHER Church? Everyone of these COG groups are False groups, set up to deceive ” if they can” the very Elect! They are a great sifting machine ran by Satan, designed to get you “caught up”. We must COME OUT OF THIS BABYLON! And in doing so, as grain comes out for the better from the sifting machine, we too will come out for the better! Jeremiah 24 reveals that us going through this great sifting machine, the land of Babylon, was done FOR OUR GOOD. But now comes the time to COME OUT OF HER! THOSE OF THE TRUE CHURCH: Are those holding fast to what Christ taught through His true apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. They are the Worldwide Church of God! The same candlestick of Zechariah 4! Another apostle of this same candlestick will be raised up to be the MAIN WITNESS! THEN WHY ARE YOU WITH ANOTHER CHURCH? The Worldwide Church of God must exist, and it does, for these verses to be true!   Where are you, and what are you going to do about it?]]>



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