Britain divorces from European Union- HERE IS WHY!

The United Kingdom filed for divorce from the European Union on Wednesday, overturning four decades of integration with its neighbors, demolishing the notion that EU expansion is inevitable and shaking the foundations of a bloc that is facing challenges to its identity and its place in the world. Source: It’s over: Britain files for divorce from the European Union :: DO YOU KNOW WHY THIS MUST HAPPEN? People are aghast as to the reasons WHY Britain has decided to do this. THERE IS A PROPHESIED REASON!

Herbert W. Armstrong one time wrote: “Most Europeans are becoming distrustful of the United States. They wonder why we had the Marshall Plan. WHY are we so beneficent? WHY are we sending them so much money? They can’t understand altruism and generosity. They suspect ulterior motives. They are thinking more and more about the coming UNITED STATES OF EUROPE! “We Americans, with the British, gave them the idea. We’ve tried to organize the European nations together against Russia. They are going to unite against us! And now Europe is about ready for it! The stage is all set! All that’s lacking now is the strong LEADER — the coming FUEHRER! The Germans are coming back from the destruction of World War II in breath-taking manner. Germany is the economic and military heart of Europe. Probably Germany will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe. “But Britain will be no part of it!”[End Quote] To read more, read his book “1975 in prophecy”. This book, written in 1956, was written upon the claims of scientists who claimed that the world would be in a state of UTOPIA by the year 1975. In order for the wish upon UTOPIA to happen, Mr. Armstrong wrote what must precede that event, in order for UTOPIA to turn from being a pipe-dream to a SURE AND ABSOLUTE REALITY! Britain’s exit from the rising “United States of Europe” has been prophesied! To read further, you can read this book here. What about the future of Britain and the United States? Do you know what the Bible says about these two nations? Yes, Britain leaving the EU has been prophesied! But there is more. If you want to read this very insightful booklet “The United States and Britain in Prophecy” written by Herbert W. Armstrong, we have it available gratis for you on our website. It will go into the WHY behind the events of the world as they unfold, into the WHY behind Britain’s “BREXIT”. And what lies in store for the future of Britain and the United States. You need to know these things. To read “The United States and Britain in Prophecy”, click here.




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