Mr. Armstrong wrote in his May 2, 1974 Brethren letter: “Now notice I Corinthians 12:  In this chapter God is showing that in THE WORK of the Church — proclaiming the Gospel to the world, and feeding the flock, there are different ADMINISTRATIONS, different OPERATIONS, in the Church, and for these, God has given various spiritual GIFTS, or empowerments, by His Holy Spirit. ADMINISTRATORS refer to performance of executive duties, MANAGERIAL responsibilities, rather than policy-making.” He continues, “The ADMINISTRATIONS in the Church refers to executive performance and managerial responsibilities, NOT to policy-making. In other words, adapting the method of functioning, according to the PRINCIPLE which GOD (the Policy Maker and Law Giver), not we, has laid down.” He says, “So, as to RANK of offices of executive administration, and operational functions, “And GOD hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues (languages)” (I Cor. 12:28). That is the rank in which GOD set them.”[End Quotes- the entire letter expounds on the “ranks” in the ADMINISTRATION of the Church of God] Link: http://wwcg-archives.com/740502.htm

Policy, comes from God the Father. Those policies are given to His Son Jesus Christ, who in turns gives them to the Church THROUGH the apostle! The rest of the ministry ADMINISTERS such policy in the Church. Lower rank ministers, under the rank of apostle, do not have authority to “establish policy” or “doctrine”. They must receive it from the apostle and administer what Christ taught and gave through him! They cannot go around the established policy that was established by Christ through the apostle in the Church! The apostle only had authority to administer the policies of God the Father to those under him. He did his job faithfully. Now it comes to the ministry under the apostle to continue and be faithful in carrying out such policy and doctrine. Mr. Armstrong said: “There has been much discussion at Pasadena between certain ministers of lower than apostle rank, as to the CHURCH binding and loosing. So now let it be MADE OFFICAL – by Christ’s present day apostle – that this binding and loosing PLAINLY, CLEARLY was given to Christ’s chief APOSTLE – not to lower rank ministers ordained by his authority – not by the CHURCH as a body – but by the APOSTLE! When men who held office under the apostle, and by his appointment or approval, took it in their own hands, in his absence – stealthily KEEPING IT FROM HIM – to water down God’s TRUTH, alter his doctrines, assume unauthorized authority, then the living CHRIST moves His apostle to ACT SWIFTLY, to PUT OUT the prime mover in this conspiracy, and, under Christ, set God’s Church and Work BACK ON GOD’S TRACK!” [Quote from HWA’s article “How Christ Gives The Church Its Beliefs”] Link: http://good-news.wwcg-archives.com/1970-1979/Good%20News%201978%20%28Prelim%20No%2023%29%20Nov%2020.pdf
Mr. Armstrong writes in his brethren letter September 15, 1980, “Those leaders to whom I had delegated the responsibility of ADMINISTERING the POLICIES and DOCTRINES Christ had set in God’s Church through His apostle, went way BEYOND the authority given them. They started CHANGING POLICIES and watering down God’s TRUTH, changing DOCTRINES, compromising — seeing HOW CLOSE they could go — and lead the Brethren in going — to the ways of SATAN! They wanted to be more LIBERAL — more like THIS WORLD OF SATAN. This was kept from me. Those I left in charge to administer policies and teach doctrines Christ had set through me threatened to fire any employee who communicated to me what was going on.”[End Quote] Link: http://wwcg-archives.com/800915.htm
In HWA’s December 19, 1980 Brethren letter he wrote: “ Then, 1968, Christ began opening doors for me to proclaim Christ’s Gospel in many nations on all continents, by personal invitations to private meetings with kings, emperors, presidents, prime ministers of many nations (Revelation 10:11). This kept me away from Pasadena more and more of the time — up to 300 out of the 365 days in a year! I delegated the day-to-day administration to executive vice-presidents of evangelist rank in Christ’s ministry. They were commissioned to carry out executive administration ONLY of policies and procedures Christ had instituted through me, and which had been building the Work on a 30 percent per year increase for 35 years. But they assumed, without my knowledge, policy-setting changes and doctrinal changes given out to ministers, in an effort to “TAKE OVER” — destroy everything the living Christ had built through the years through me, and build something for themselves. They were watering down doctrines, changing procedures and policies and threatening other top-ranking ministers with losing their jobs if they revealed to me what was going on in my absence.” He continued: “Changing policies Christ inspired, changing doctrines God’s Word teaches, changing procedures that built His Work 30 percent a year for 35 years, was DISPLEASING TO THE LIVING JESUS CHRIST AND to GOD THE FATHER!”[End Quote] Link: http://wwcg-archives.com/801219.htm
In Robert C. Smith’s article in the Good News “Could YOU Be Denying Christ”(very good article)on the laodicean attitude he writes: “We will be attuned to the policies of God’s Church, which are generated from the top down according to the system of government God has placed in His Church, and will desire to get wholeheartedly in step with them. In I Corinthians 11, after explaining the Church teaching regarding hair length, the apostle Paul concluded with, “But if anyone seems to be contentious, we have no such custom, nor do the churches of God” (verse 16). Paul stated the facts, realizing that there might be some who would not be in total agreement and who would be quick to express that disagreement, and established the authority behind those facts by adding, “We have no such custom,” That’s it, Paul said. Obey — and be hot. Disobey, justify, compromise, maintain a questioning posture — and be lukewarm. Or, view the crescendo of God’s burgeoning work from the outside by being cold. Being hot means agreeing with those beliefs, doctrines and policies and doing them. Being cold means disagreeing with them and walking the other way. All the way in, or all the way out! Being lukewarm destroys character. Being less than total in our commitment allows for pretense, spiritual game-playing, and bears false witness. In other words, breaks the commandments of God.”[End Quote] Link: http://good-news.wwcg-archives.com/1980-1986/Good%20News%201984%20%28Prelim%20No%2007%29%20Aug.pdf#page=8
The policies of God the Father have been administered by Christ through the apostle in the Church. The ministry under the apostle are to continue in administering what was taught and given through the apostle, NOT establish policy themselves NOR to change or alter policy or doctrine. That is what one time ministers of the Worldwide Church of God are doing. They want the position to set, change or alter policy and doctrine. They aren’t holding fast to what was taught by Christ’s apostle Herbert W. Armstrong! Anyone holding fast CAN ONLY DO SO if they are outside of these false groups! The apostle handed off the policies of God the Father to the ministry under him in rank. After the death of Christ’s chosen apostle in 1986, ministers have gone out forming new organizations, establishing a new name. In those new organizations, they claim “policy making” powers. They can set new policy, and have altered Church policy and doctrine as established through Herbert W. Armstrong. They do not fully administer EVERYTHING that was handed to them through the Worldwide Church of God’s government. That is because they are no longer part of the Church. They LEFT! They believe that they have direct connection to Jesus Christ, in the chain of command, and they  also believe that since the flesh and blood Herbert W. Armstrong died they do not have to administer what Christ gave through Him, because they are a NEW organization, bearing a NEW name, with a NEW administration! When we evaluate these groups who claim to be the true Church, we evaluate to see if they are teaching what was taught, knowing assuredly that Christ’s apostle(HWA) taught and administered God’s policies and doctrines and truths faithfully. Christ tells us to HOLD FAST to what Christ gave through His apostle!(Rev. 3:11) So the liberals in the 1970’s, and the STP, attempted to go around what Christ already administered through His apostle, to establish on their own, policy and doctrine. That is our question of these groups. We feel that they are running off a version of the STP program, just as their comrades in apostasy have already done! “Policy/doctrine making” is being asserted to the lower rank ministers, when it is the job of God the Father, who has given it to the apostle through Jesus Christ! When lower rank ministers attempt to take such authority to themselves, as the liberals in the 1970’s did, IT DISPLEASES GOD! It is against the government of God. The apostle has died, but the policies have been written down, preserved by the living Head of the Church- Jesus Christ! WE ARE TO HOLD FAST TO WHAT WAS TAUGHT! But many are throwing away that stuff, and coming up with their own “papers”(like the STP?) of policy or doctrine to make a name for themselves. Some are editing the writings and sermons of Mr. Armstrong to achieve this, some are coming up with new books, new papers, new administration, a new house foundation, to achieve this. False groups today are doing this. They are Satan’s counterfeits. But the Worldwide Church of God continues on. We are a spiritual organism, unincorporated. And we aim to hold fast to the values, policies and truths that were put into the Church by Christ through His servant Herbert W. Armstrong. What about you? Are you praying and fasting over this? It’s time for each of us to GET SERIOUS, and GET RIGHT WITH GOD!]]>



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