"10 European countries start slowly putting together a defense"

Isabelle Kumar, Euronews: _“Germany has now tried to move the narrative forward for Europe and Chancellor Angela Merkel has evoked the idea of a multi-speed or a two-speed Europe, something you have welcomed, but how specifically do you see a multi-speed Europe working? Will you not have an elite in the driving seat?”_ Romano Prodi: “Specifically? I give you a concrete example. The Americans say Nato one day is a very nice thing another day is a problem. In any case Europe must work for its own defence. So, a first reinforced cooperation could be 10 European countries start slowly putting together a defence.” READ the FULL Interview Here: http://www.euronews.com/2017/03/02/romano-prodi-europe-must-work-for-its-own-defence ]]>



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