March 2017

Your Awesome Future- How Religion Deceives You by Herbert W. Armstrong


It’s positively astounding! It has remained undiscovered by science. Higher education has never taught it. And organized religion has withheld it. How? By suppressing the real gospel message Christ brought from heaven that reveals the awesome purpose of human life.
PREPARE YOURSELF for the most shocking revelation of your life. Does it come as an astonishing shock to learn that the most important dimension in all knowledge was sent from God to this earth by Jesus Christ — but that message was suppressed in the very first century? That Jesus Himself was put to death for revealing it? That His apostles, with one possible exception, were also martyred for proclaiming it? Continue reading…



I said to my wife, 52 years ago, “All these churches can’t be wrong. That’s how I know the Bible says ‘Thou shalt observe Sunday’”

But on intensive, indepth study of the bible, I found all “these churches“ were wrong, and that they did not obtain their beliefs from God’s word, but rather that they believed doctrines and practiced customs that are contrary to biblical teaching.

I wanted to find God’s teachings, doctrines, customs and practices. I found them! I found them in the same way the Apostle Paul did. Continue reading…

The Unknown God


The ignorant Greeks labeled the Creator: “The Unknown God” (Acts 17:23). They forgot WHO He is — because they had lost the meaning of His name! That name is important — what is it? What does it mean? Continue reading…

Do You Have the Sunday Spirit?

Do you have the SUNDAY SPIRIT?

 Is your spiritual growth being held back because you unknowingly still have a Sunday attitude? Few members have clearly seen the self-centeredness that Sunday-keeping has caused in their lives — and how to successfully combat this most basic human trait. Continue reading…

Jordan's King Hussein-Searching For Peace by Keith W. Stump

(Source) Tensions brewing in the turbulent Middle East may soon thrust Jordan’s King to center stage in the search for peace. Perhaps no king and no people today are more acutely aware of the need for lasting peace in the Middle East than are the King and people of Jordan. Continue reading…

He Can Who Thinks He Can

He Can Who Thinks He Can

by Herbert W. Armstrong


 Sometime ago one of my personal assistants handed me a copy of a book that had exerted influence on my life as a young man many years ago probably about 1910.

It was one of those “inspiration books” designed to inspire young men with ambition, desire to succeed and confidence. This particular book was titled He Can Who Thinks He Can. It was one of many such inspirational or “success” books authored by Orison Swett Marden.

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Body Must Function Together by Gerald Waterhouse


Have you felt this way?

Some brethren feel they are not a vital part of this great work because they are not being used as ministers or full-time employees. Perhaps they have no direct responsibility in their congregations.

The result? Some let feelings of discouragement and despondency come over them.

Why? Could it be that the adversary — Satan — knows discouragement and despondency are the easiest ways he has of keeping us from doing our part?

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