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Arnold Clawson

Benjamin Raye

Bill Bradford

Carn Catherwood

Clint Zimmerman

Colin Wilkins

Dale Hampton

Dave Metzel

David Albert

David Hulme

David Johnson

Dean Blackwell

1957-10-11 - FOT - 01 Dean Blackwell - Big Sandy, TX.mp346.5 MB
1957-12-14 - Health and Healing.mp349.3 MB
1977 - Meaning Of Tabernacles.mp318.2 MB
1977 - The Meaning of Tabernacles- Part 2.mp312.8 MB
1978 - Demons (2).mp333.6 MB
1978 - Demons.mp333.6 MB
1978 -New Testament Holy Days.mp332.1 MB
1978-09-11 - Church Government.mp330.7 MB
1979-06-27 - Daniel's Prophecy.mp316.7 MB
1980 - Are You Converted.mp315.4 MB
1980 - The Conversion Process.mp313.4 MB
Are You Converted (2).mp315.4 MB
Biblical Miss-Translations.mp314.5 MB
Church Eras.mp312.1 MB
Church Government (2).mp330.7 MB
Church Government.mp317.0 MB
Conversion.mp311.7 MB
Daniel's Prophecy.mp320.0 MB
Demons.mp314.5 MB
Disfellowshipping.mp314.5 MB
Dissfellowshiping.mp314.3 MB
Have You Been Conqured By God.mp314.2 MB
Holy Days In NT.mp320.7 MB
How To Overcome.mp39.8 MB
Is the Church Essential For Salvation.mp313.5 MB
Marriage Part 2.mp316.0 MB
Marriage part 1.mp316.5 MB
More On What God Is Like.mp312.7 MB
Peter, The Chief Apostle.mp313.7 MB
Proof Of The Sabbath (2).mp317.9 MB
Proof Of Tithing.mp314.7 MB
Prophecies of the End time.mp318.3 MB
Revelation 2-3 Can Only Mean Church Eras.mp315.0 MB
Rulers With Christ.mp315.3 MB
Sabbath & Holy Days N.T. FOT (78-10-18) - Dean Blackwell.mp341.3 MB
The Bible And Health.mp311.8 MB
The Book of Ruth.mp315.3 MB
The Carnal Mind.mp313.9 MB
The Conversion Process (2).mp313.4 MB
The Exodus.mp315.0 MB
The Gospel In Matthew.mp317.7 MB
The Meaning Of The Feast Of Trumpets.mp311.2 MB
The Meaning Of Trumpets.mp315.9 MB
The Passover (2).mp315.1 MB
The Passover.mp313.5 MB
The Sabbath.mp37.4 MB
The Trinity.mp320.0 MB
We Are Saints.mp310.2 MB
What God Is Like.mp312.0 MB
What is the Last Great Day (LGD).mp311.8 MB
What is the Soul - Part 1.mp37.8 MB
What is the Soul - Part 2.mp311.9 MB
What is the Sould - Part 3.mp310.0 MB
Why Do We Fast On Atonement.mp313.1 MB
Writing Styles Of The Bible.mp314.8 MB
Your Attitude Towards The Ministry.mp314.8 MB

Dean Wilson

Dennis Luker

Dilbar Apartian

Don Mason

Don Ward

Don Waterhouse

Ed Smith

Edward Denkler

Edward Jacobs

Edwin Marrs

Frank McCrady

Frank Schnee

Fred Kellers

Gary Antion

George Lee

George Meeker

Gerald Waterhouse

01-05-1980 - Finishing The Work - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3167.2 MB
01-06-1979 - The Philadelphia Attitude - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3120.0 MB
01-19-1980 - God Is Working Through Mr Armstrong - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3170.7 MB
01-19-1985 - HWA is Elijah & Church Government - Gerald Waterhouse.mp332.8 MB
02-07-1981 - How to Keep From Bombing Out - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3139.7 MB
02-23-1980 - Don't Limit God - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3162.2 MB
03-03-1979 - God Will Lead His Family Forever - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3102.7 MB
03-14-1981 - Magnifying The Apostles Office - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3182.6 MB
03-24-1979 - Have Faith - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3129.1 MB
03-30-1981 - The Plan Of God - Gerald Waterhouse.mp332.0 MB
04-16-1977 - Pray For God's Kingdom to Come - Gerald Waterhouse.mp315.2 MB
04-22-1978 - We need to Catch The Vision Of What God Is Doing - Gerald Waterhouse.mp313.0 MB
04-23-1977 - Why the Work Is Important To God - Gerald Waterhouse.mp311.2 MB
05-04-1977 - Learn From Old Testament Examples - Gerald Waterhouse.mp313.9 MB
05-05-1985 - Purpose Of Our Calling - Gerald Waterhouse.mp329.7 MB
05-06-1978 - Catch The Vision Of What God Is Doing - Gerald Waterhouse.mp313.7 MB
06-27-1979 - God Is Building His Team - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3136.8 MB
10-1978 - God's Total Plan - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3116.5 MB
10-20-1979 - God Is In Charge Of His Work - Gerald Waterhouse.mp316.2 MB
11-00-1977 - End time Prophecy - Gerald Waterhouse.mp379.8 MB
11-03-1979 - God Puts Together A Team - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3171.4 MB
12-01-1979 - Get The Point - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3195.9 MB
12-27-1974 - Loyality To God And His Church - Gerald Waterhouse.mp3167.4 MB
1978 - The Mind Of Christ - Gerald Waterhouse.mp355.1 MB
1980 - Measuring the Temple - Gerald Waterhouse.mp35.0 MB
1981-02-21 - God's Absolute Promises - Gerald Waterhouse.mp361.9 MB
Hold Fast To God And His Church - Gerald Waterhouse.mp389.5 MB

Herman Hoeh

039 Hoeh-The Founding Of The Church In America.mp39.8 MB
040 Hoeh-World Of Tomorrow.mp317.7 MB
057 Hoeh-Proper Apporach to Doctrine.mp313.1 MB
060 Hoeh-Faith.mp310.3 MB
09-26-1980 - FOT Sermonette - The Example of Herbert W Armstrong - Herman Hoeh.mp34.8 MB
098 Hoeh-What Will The Millenium Be Like.mp312.2 MB
11-25-1980 - The Seventh Day Adventists Mindset on Prophecy - Herman Hoeh.mp395.7 MB
120 Hoeh-Becoming A Jew Inwardly.mp318.9 MB
121 Hoeh-Daniel 8 Parallels 1979.mp311.5 MB
122 Hoeh-Identifying God's True Church.mp312.1 MB
123 Hoeh-Satan's World.mp310.1 MB
124 Hoeh-Sin And Human Nature.mp315.5 MB
125 Hoeh-The Festivals.mp312.0 MB
126 Hoeh-Baptism.mp316.2 MB
16-Times Of The Gentiles (53-03-14).mp349.4 MB
172 Hoeh-Hebrew Calendar And tTmes Of the Gentiles.mp311.2 MB
173 Hoeh-Babylon The Great.mp313.2 MB
177 Hoeh-New Understanding Of Daniel And Revelation.mp38.6 MB
193 Hoeh-Child Rearing .mp311.6 MB
1953-03-14 - Times of the Gentiles - Herman Hoeh - Part 01.mp311.0 MB
1953-03-14 - Times of the Gentiles - Herman Hoeh - Part 02.mp37.5 MB
1955-10-01 - Why Keep The Holy Days - Herman Hoeh Part 02.mp310.1 MB
1956-02-18 - Herman Hoeh - Sequence of End Time Events - San Diego, CA.mp350.4 MB
1980-12-27 - Presenting the Truth to Others - Herman Hoeh.mp331.6 MB
262 Hoeh-Lesson From Unleavened Bread.mp310.1 MB
316 Hoeh-The History Of Prophecy In The Church.mp311.7 MB
317 Hoeh-Why Biblical History Is Prophecy.mp314.1 MB
Feast of Trumpets - 02 Herman Hoeh.mp376.8 MB
Herman Hoeh - HWA an Apostle not a Prophet.mp315.6 MB
Nature Of Man & Animals FOT (79-10-10) - Herman Hoeh.mp334.4 MB
New Heavens & New Earth FDFOT (80-09-25) - Herman Hoeh.mp331.2 MB

Hugh Mauck

Jack Croucher

James Haeffole

Jess Earnest

Jim Tuck

John Halford

John Ogwyn

Ken Giese

Ken Martin

Kenneth Peterson

Larry Kerino

Leroy Neff

058 Neff-Don't Murmer Against Church Leadership.mp312.2 MB
059 Neff-Hypocracy.mp311.4 MB
064 Neff-The Place Of Safty.mp314.5 MB
069 Neff-If I Were The Devil.mp311.0 MB
096 Neff-Study The Bible.mp311.5 MB
1977 - If I Were The Devil - Leroy Neff.mp311.0 MB
1977 Pentecost -Gods Holy Spirit - Leroy Neff.mp313.6 MB
1978 - Could This Really Be Gods True Church - Leroy Neff.mp316.7 MB
1978 - Don't Murmur Against God's Leaders - Leroy Neff.mp312.0 MB
1978 - Hypocrisy - Leroy Neff.mp311.6 MB
1978 - Study God's Word - Leroy Neff.mp311.3 MB
1978-12-02 - Learning To Pray, Part 1 - Leroy Neff.mp311.8 MB
1978-12-16 - Learning To Pray, Part 2 - Leroy Neff.mp310.2 MB
1979 - If I Were The Devil - Leroy Neff.mp311.0 MB
1979 - Place Of Safety - Leroy Neff.mp314.5 MB
1979-01-06 - Learning To Pray, Part 3 - Leroy Neff.mp310.6 MB
1980-07-12 - The CAUSE Of Marriage Problems - Leroy Neff.mp310.9 MB
1981-01 -Checklist For Salvation - Leroy Neff.mp39.3 MB
20-Trust God 79.mp333.6 MB
21-What Causes People To Leave The Church 80-01-22.mp341.2 MB
210 Neff - Gods Holy Spirit.mp313.6 MB
232 Neff-The Exodus.mp310.0 MB
233 Neff-the Exodus, Part 2.mp312.8 MB
258 Neff-The CAISE Of Marriage Problems.mp310.9 MB
282 Neff-Checklist For Salvation.mp39.3 MB
480 Neff-Learning To Pray, Part 1.mp311.8 MB
481 Neff-Learning To Pray, Part 2.mp310.2 MB
482 Neff-Learning To Pray, Part 3.mp310.6 MB
490 Neff-Could This Really Be Gods True Church.mp316.7 MB
491 Neff-Why People Leave The Church.mp310.7 MB
492 Neff - Our Warfare.mp311.1 MB
493 Neff-Stay The Course.mp313.8 MB
496 Neff -Our Warfare.mp38.4 MB
497 Neff-Stay The Course.mp310.4 MB
Feast of Trumpets - 01 Leroy Neff.mp315.8 MB

Les Stocker

Lynn Torrance

Malcom Tofts

Mark Ellis

Mike Swaggerty

Milan Chovin

Mr. Baley

Randolph Samuels

Ray Meyers

Raymond McNair

Reinhold Fuessel

Richard D Armstrong

Richard Seiver

Robert Bartuzzi

Robert C Jones

Robert Fahey

Robert Morton

Ronald Kelly

Ronald Laughland

Tony Dorazio

Wayne Freeman