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Tomorrow’s World Collection 1969- 1972

Herbert W Armstrong said that God’s Church went off track around 1968 until in 1977 when Jesus Christ raised him back to life from total heart failure. Fulfilling Revelation 11:1-2, God’s Church was placed back on the right track from 1978 forward. Since this publication appeared during these “liberal years”(1968-1978) we emphasize caution. It has very good articles in it’s issues, but it may contain elements that was taking the Church off track.
Please beware of any falsehood that may have slipped in, and always take it to God. If an article brings confusion, always go forward to when Jesus Christ placed the Church back on track to see if the confusion was removed. Herbert W Armstrong spent years after 1978 going back over the material presented in the publications of the “liberal years”, removing the liberal and watering down element that so plagued the Church of God. Let’s not allow this element to take us off track.