Services for the scattered spiritual organism, The Worldwide Church of God.

Sabbath Service Format
Opening Prayer by Baptized Male Member:
Sermonette/World Tomorrow Program:
Special Music:
Closing Prayer by Baptized Male Member:

Friday night Bible Study Format
Opening Prayer by Baptized Male Member:
Bible Study:

IMPORTANT ARTICLE – Should We Assemble Without a Minister?

Should You Assemble Without a Minister?


Herbert W Armstrong – Apostle of the Worldwide Church of God

Herbert W Armstrong Sermons


Worldwide Church of God Ministers

Worldwide Church of God Sermons


Bible Hymnal & Special Music of the Worldwide Church of God

The Bible Hymnal and Special Music Collection

The Young Ambassador Online Stream


Video Productions to get BACK ON THE TRACK

Additional Videos


Literary productions

Baptized member Literature

The Good News Magazine(1951-1986)

The Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Courses(1954-1987)

Worldwide News Archives(1973-1986)

Co-Worker & Church Letters(1934-1986)

Pastor General Report Archives(1977-1986)

Bulletin Archives(1970-1977)

Church of God News

The Early Years

Contact Archives (1974-1977)


Youth Literature

Youth Magazine Archives(1981-1986)

Youth Bible Lessons

The Bible Story Volumes


Other Productions

 Ambassador College Productions


The Great Commission

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