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    1. We are but a few members of the spiritual organism which is the Body of Christ. Of this time, called the Worldwide Church of God, tied to the Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. Of course you can read the About page to read the difference between the spiritual organism which is the Church and the U.S. corporation called “WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, INC”. The two are not the same.
      We are Called to support and get behind “The Great Commission” being fulfilled through the Apostle(which the Great Commission was given to)Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, fulfilled in our time to all the world, in all nations. Essentially preached WORLDWIDE. God names things for a purpose, and the Work of God was named correctly through Herbert W Armstrong. This commission is being fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s PROPHECY in Matt 24:14. Matt 24:14 is a prophesy about the Great Commission being fulfilled, unlike what many teach today in the various works men have started.

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