The Importance of the Apostle in the Church

What do people miss when we say and direct others to the importance of Mr. Armstrong in our Church?

There is an importance, but many claim and accuse us of evil things because they really don’t understand, and maybe, just maybe they really do not see God in the picture?

They will agree that God had something to do with Mr. Armstrong, but they don’t ever see God correctly, they assume that what He did was for that time, and that time only, and that God is doing something DIFFERENT today. That God changed, thus revealing that they don’t see God in the Picture and really don’t believe God’s Word where He says HE CHANGES NOT! Malachi 3:6

I’ll put it in an analogy, which I pray some will understand. I believe one reason that Mr. Armstrong dealt with the excavating in Jerusalem was as an example of how God is working through his Chosen Apostle. It certainly reveals God’s hand in His Work and Church. Through Mr. Armstrong Jesus Christ was excavating the long forgotten and lost history and artifacts from ancient Israel, as God used him to restore and uncover long lost truth’s of God. He did SO MUCH work to clear away the DIRT, to get down to the REAL DEAL, the original treasure, long forgotten, and what have we done with it so far?

I’m speaking of God’s Truth, the REAL TREASURE.

Many have come along and filled in the site where God used His chosen to restore, so they can say they uncovered these vital truths, stealing the glory in the eyes of the People. They of course LIE. When God gave to us TREASURE, and directed us through the writing’s of Mr. Armstrong to give us that truth, and someone comes along and REWRITES it as the Philadelphia Church of God had done, and which Living Church of God has done (and Restored Church of God, and United Church of God has done) by rewriting and distorting the TRUTHS, the TREASURE, saying it wasn’t good as God saw it, they saw it contemptible. Read Malachi 1.

SO they thought it wise to Change it because they believed God changed. But did God lead them to change it to something else? According to the Scriptures He did NOT!

Did God go the distance to clear out the DIRT and errors so that God can then cover it up so that others, who don’t believe Him, uncover it and lead His Sheep astray?

Through the 1970’s Satan through MEN hindered the WORK (of God) and worked to BURY that WORK under the dirt once again. That GRAND CONSPIRACY was thwarted, and God rescued His Sheep! He restored the Church BACK ON TRACK, and RESTORED EVEN MORE TRUTHS than before! And NOW we have have Men calling themselves God’s CHURCH, incorporating their persons(in the Legal sense) calling themselves a “LIBRARY” or “Church”, TAKING God’s Tithes and offerings, as if THEY were ANOINTED OF GOD, WHEN THEY ARE NOT!!! And they believe they can go back and use that DIRT , PROMOTE that DIRT of those whom SATAN USED to get the Church OFF TRACK, who was working to BURY THAT WORK(of God) and Say the DIRT was just as good as God’s TRUTH! That these workers of Satan were actually of GOD! Look at the DIRECTION that leads! “Well, Satan isn’t as bad as God says he is AIN’T IT?” Satan has deceived these people into thinking that Good is Evil and Evil is Good. The Bible speaks of those calling GOOD EVIL and EVIL GOOD!

Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

God gave us the MASTER PLAN, God’s Government, the WAY God will do things in the Kingdom! God commands us to HOLD FAST to that! But you hear others preach “oh that was only for that time, what I preach is what God wants today. Even though God says He never changes, don’t really believe it. And IF He never changes, He really wasn’t working through Mr. Armstrong, because look at what happened after he finished his commission. I NEVER GOT THE CHIEF SEAT!! I NEVER HAD THAT MUCH AUTHORITY!” Just as Satan lusted for God’s position and power, like Satan they lust for it,and they teach their followers, and YES your are followers of these men when you agree with them, when you SUPPORT them, When you post them on your wall on FACEBOOK, when You listen to their messages, when you SUBSCRIBE to them (subscribe means to consent to, AGREE with) they get you to follow them, and DOUBT God’s WORK, to DENY JESUS CHRIST! Is that what God wants of you? Is that where God wants you to go? Or does God want the best for you? The answer is obvious. Will you fall by the wayside? or Will you get rooted in good ground, the SURE WORD of GOD, God’s TRUTH. And when and through WHOM did God restore His Truth through? That is WHY you CANNOT throw away the Messenger from the message! And you cannot take that house that Jesus Christ built and place it on another foundation. And You cannot bury it under dirt, and CHANGE it. Nor can you re-enact the EVILS of men deceived by Satan to HINDER THE WORK OF GOD. Read Nehemiah 4 for an example.

1Ki 18:21 And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Satan, then follow him.

Will you do as ancient Israel did?
They made a choice. Many are making the wrong choice. Which will you choose?
God or Satan? Or will you be quiet and make the wrong choice? That is what Ancient Israel did.
“And the people answered him not a word.”

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