OPINION: The Worldwide Church of God is NOT a legal corporation but a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM

  “Actually the Worldwide Church of God is a spiritual organism, created by GOD – not a legal corporate organization created by this world’s laws. But, in order to function IN the world in an organizational manner, the Church of Read More …

OPINION: The World Tomorrow is SPONSORED by the Worldwide Church of God

  “And, by the way, if you look at the telecast tomorrow morning, I wonder are you indifferent — thinking “Well I don’t need to look at it”? Well, brethren, it’s money that you pay in. Of course, it’s God’s Read More …


With Mr. Reagan robustly returned to a second four-year term, the prospects of improved Soviet-American relations appear remote. Moscow is presently in no mood to concretely negotiate arms reduction talks. Furthermore, the Kremlin is moving to militarily prop up its Central American surrogate, Nicaragua, which has had difficulty fending off the attacks of the U.S.- supported “contra” forces .


One of the themes that Mr. Herbert Armstrong has emphasized in the past several years is “come out of this world.” And with good reason. The societies of modern-day Israel are on a moral toboggan slide. As a result natural calamities lie just over the horizon. There is little, in the end, that morally-upright leaders (such as President Reagan) or movements such as the “Moral Majority” can do to halt the downward spiral. The forces of evil are just too strong.

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