08-26-1980 – 1 Corinthians 8-9 Bible Study

Title: 1 Corinthians 8-9 Bible Study

Date: August 26, 1980

Speaker: Mr. Herbert W Armstrong

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Tags: Herbert W Armstrong, Worldwide Church of God,

Keywords Start to Finish:( a brief map on the structure of the Bible Study and the Topics covered)

Liberal, (Liberalism), Compromise, Watering Down, Vice President, Titles, Chief Seat, Women’s Rights, Thief, Robber, Disfellowship, Day of the Lord, Great White Throne Judgement, Leaves the Church, Kicked out of the Church, Mother of us all, Church is Spiritual, False Doctrines, False Leaders, False Brethren, Abortion, Jerry Falwell, Catholic Priest, Congress, Congressman, Politics, Constitution of the United States, Fetus, Resurrection, Spirit in Man, Birth, Born, Human Spirit, Resurrected Life, Analogy, Proper Repentance, Faith again, Received back, Speaking the Same thing, Division, Committee, Vote, Voting, Food offered to Idols, Idolatry, Reasoning, Condemn, Condemnation, Apostle, Supervisor over Church, Apostle Sent out, Evangelist, Pastors, Elders are stationary, Headuarters, HQ’s, Gerald Waterhouse, Knowledge Puffs up, inferiority complex, Smartelics, Scholar, Corporation, Researching Biblical Truth, Vanity, Love, Humble, Idol is not God, No God’s Life, God the Father, Ten Commandments, Christ, Reconciliation, They leave out the Father, Created all things by Jesus Christ, Clean and Unclean Meats, Sardis Church, Duggar, Salem West Virginia, C.O. Dodd, One Church of God, Offshoot, Oregon Conference, Church of God, 7th Day, Quacker, People’s Church, 70 Leading Elders, Mr. Ray, Kingdom of God is not in Meat or Drink, Spiritual Truths, Spiritual Law, Food Law, Gospel, Gospel is not in meat or drink, Independent, Co-operate, Liberty, Stumbling Block, Weak in Faith, Gambling, Former Minister, Casinos, Las Vegas, Gambling is Wrong, Get something without earning it, Conscious, Doing what you Think is Wrong, Sin, Appearance of Evil, Twist the Truth, Accusation, Leader of this Church, fit to be a leader, Criticizing Jesus Christ, Sit and Judge, Christ is Judge, You are not my Judge, Christ is my Judge, Believe the Truth for the Truth’s sake, Weak in Knowledge, Ignorance, Doesn’t know any better, Principle, Love toward God, Love Toward Neighbor, Healing when Sick, Going to Doctors, Absolute Promise of Healing, James 5, Sick among you, Prayer of Faith, Promise of Healing, Cleaned up the Church, Can’t Work up the Faith, Faith is something God gives you, Faith of Christ, Faith in Christ, Holy Spirit, Walk on Water, Water into Wine, Dead back to life, Created everything, grow in grace and knowledge, grow in Faith, Don’t have the faith to be healed, faith in Doctors, weak in Faith, Little Faith, Christian Life is about Growing, Grow up unto the Lord, Galations 4, Perfecting of the saints, Policy, Bound in Heaven, Teach people to rely on God, Balance on that question, Hospitals, Medicines, Drugs, Only Physical Help, Crutches, Cripple, Peter’s Faith, Faith that healed, Help one another, Don’t criticize or condemn, Apostle Paul’s Apostleship, Herbert W Armstrong’s Apostleship, By the Fruits, Workmanship in the Lord, Children in the Lord, Directly or indirectly, seal of Apostleship, Detractors, Accused, Believing the Detractors, Accused of Lies, Illegitimate Children all over the world, Manufactured Lies, Satan’s Doom, Condemning One Another, Examining Paul, Wall Street Journal Ads, New York Times, Washington Times, San Francisco Examiner, Board Chairman, Presidents, Industrial Corporations, Banks, New York, Chicago, Pittsburg, Stanley Rader interview, Denver, KOA Radio, World Religious Leader, Catholic Church, Newspaper Campaign, Los Angeles Times, Attorney General of California, Siphon Millions  off a year accusation, Just What Do you Mean a Cult?, Unconstitutional Attack, Plain Truth, Not anchored to Buildings and assets, Jerusalem, Cairo Egypt, President Anwar Sadat, London, England, Accompanied by a wife, Tithe, Tithing, Hebrews 1, Solicit the World, No Charge, donations, Proselytize, contributions, out for money, Give the Gospel, Ask nothing back, Point of View of the Audience, Psychology, University education, Ambassador College, World’s Psychology, How People Think, Approach from other’s point of View, Meat in Due Season, Feast of Tabernacles, Millennium, Ruled by the Kingdom of God, Harvest Time, Prepared, Foretaste, Own Interests, Audiences Interests, What the People Need to Hear, Instruction to younger Preachers, Preach what God shows you what the people ought to hear, or need to hear, Runners in a race, Athlete, Gold Medal, Olympics, Imperishable prize, Boxing the air, disqualified, Qualify, Wonderful Kingdom of God, Stumble and Fall, Administrations, Offices, What is the Church, Why is the Church.

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